...but are they “Dvorak” grumpy?

No, they aren’t “Dvorak” grumpy (as in John C. Dvorak). Give them a few years and maybe. In the mean time, you’ll have to put up with what I would call mildly grumpy middle-aged geeks. Actually, the podcast is quite enjoyable and has become part of my weekly rotation. Jason and Brian add some useful (and sometimes colorful) context to the happenings in the tech industry while Dave Bittner provides commentary on security among other contributions. If you are looking for some entertaining musings, this is a must listen. It’s one of the best. Just don’t expect Statler and Waldorf to show up.

A love story about a guy and his dogs

This podcast is nearly impossible to listen to - we get it Jason, you have dogs and you love them very much. Now you go from a non baseball fan to a White Sox fan? I am sure you are right about your neighbors throwing rocks at your house. Seriously though, this podcast is fantastic. My productivity at work has skyrocketed since I discovered this podcast. I used to spend way too much time browsing all corners of the internet. These guys do that for me and filter it down to interesting and helpful stuff. Instead of wasting countless hours at the job by surfing the web, I listen to this podcast and then check out links in the show notes for more in depth info on what they talk about. I thank you both for the show, but my employer thanks you more! PS - Go Cubs PPS - More Bam Bam and Dino pics on Instagram please

Bittner led me here.

Hi guys! Great podcast, I was originally led here by Dave, and now you’re part of my weekly listening routine. Keep up the great work!

Snarky and informative

Useful information about all the awful things done in the tech world - with just enough news about the good things to keep you from wanting to move to a shack in the woods. As someone who works for a big faceless tech company, I find their take on the industry to be insightful and hilarious

I am a nerd myself

I really love listening to you because of two reasons First of all i am a nerd my self a computer science graduate and a soon to information technology masters class student, i listen to you guys because i want to improve my english 😂 plus you guys speak my mind technology is going towards something crazy, my father used to tell me that there will be flying cars everywhere when you grow up all i can see is technology used for sex bots and vibrators. Love you guys, I am Muneeb, from Pakistan.

Come for the podcast, stay for the show notes

Four stars for this excellent podcast about the internet and things and sometimes the Internet OF things. Awarding an additional star for the show notes! I’m seriously considering making it my homepage as I spend as much time following the links as I do listening to the podcast itself. cheers!

Move over twit

I discovered this over the holidays while Leo was playing best of’s on twit and Mac break weekly, and needed to find something to fill the void. Love the show, it’s now my first play of the week, bumping off the twit shows until second. Love the variety and humor, keep up the good work.

Awesome podcast

These guys are awesome! I'd been listening to Jason for years on AoC, and now The Jordan Harbinger show. This is a very informative and entertaining podcast. Keep it up!

Tell it like it is

Being a lot older than Jason and Brian I put myself in the grumpy old fart category. Still I look forward to their podcasts. I like the irreverent take on things as well as the smart and informative. The banter and rhythm keep the show moving forward and I get caught up on current technology and the evils that lurk out there on the internet, Good Stuff!

We all need a little more skepticism in tech

As a grad student, closest geek and wannabe tech nerd, I find myself coming back every episode to get the Grumpy take on all the tech news that pops up on my RSS feeds and variuos other podcasts. GOG provides some much needed perspective on all the "early days", "disruptive" and "revolutionary" tech continually delivered by the brophets of silicon valley.

Not Shy About Telling It Like It Is

I can certainly relate to the hosts. I love the down to earth, no sugarcoating informative podcast. Thanks for telling it like it is. *Note to Apple* Apple please don't ban me, when these two bash an Apple product.

Fantastic Show

Thanks for the amazing show. It makes my long drives fly by. For anyone that complains about the language on the show, they should simply stop listening. I don’t understand why someone would take the time to leave a review complaining about it. It’s 2018, Google and listen to any of the other thousands of podcasts available if it bugs their sensitive ears. Keep the shows just how they are! GOG and CyberWire are the only podcasts I listen to weekly, as all others are bland.



Great Podcast

I can’t remember where I heard about the grumpy old geeks but it fills a void in my podcast listening. It gets a little geekier than some of the other tech podcasts I listen to that skew towards business. Great stuff. It’s the kind a podcast that I can only recommend to certain people. That’s awesome that it serves a specific audience so well.

Perfect laid back cast for geeks with a sense of humor

After the third consecutive listen I had to come by to drop a glowing review, which may be the first podcast I’ve bothered tuning in to for weeks in a row. As a fellow IT professional I appreciate the real and honest chats about trending events, not something I can always get via other media outlets. Jason and Brian may be rather opinionated on some topics but I enjoy listening to them shamelessly speak their minds, which they do in a very entertaining and humorous fashion. I also really like Dave on the show, his cyber security insight is spot on, and I’ll be filling the rest of the week checking out his CyberWire podcast until the next GOG cast is out. I’m sure finding the time to put all this together and keeping up with as much as they do is a ton of work, but please keep it up. Makes my Atlanta traffic commute almost painless while listening in.

Weekly Sanity Check

Thanks guys for my weekly dose of news and humor. Yoyu seem to be the only one out there that dont have to answer to anyone.........lol

Best Tech Podcast EVER!

This is the podcast that got me into to podcast. It was recommended to me by my brother. I here by recommend to you and anyone who finds tech entertaining. My brother and I both actual work in telecom/tech and this podcast is broadcasted just like you talk with your buddies. Very informational and very funny at times. The tangents they go on about screw ups and “Crap” products are the best. We all think it, they say it, and call it out. Great products get great reviews, and even awesome recommendations for tech devices, software, hardware etc. I look forward to the weekly releases and enjoy listening to it between appointments. Keep up the phenomenal work guys, I love your show. Sincerely, James

What passes for Enthusiasm....

What a relief to hear some unvarnished opinions about the current tech world without the breathless, blind enthusiasm of some of these tech kiddies out there. I'm grumpy, old, and geeky myself, and I appreciate hearing tech news discussed within the larger frame of reference Jason and Brian bring to the table.

Great Tech and Current News

Happened across your podcast as a way to pass time while traveling back and forth from my hometown in Eastern Kentucky to my University. The ~2 hour podcast time is perfect to start and finish. The news is always relevant and interesting and the show keeps me entertained. This is the first podcast that I can consistently come back to without it becoming stale. Keep up the great work!

Entertaining and Informative

Brian and Jason do a fantastic job every week of being both informative and hilarious. I look forward to Mondays just to find out who’s to blame for this week’s digital misadventures on my commute.

Nothing but love!!

I just started listening to you guys last week and I have been hooked ever since!!! Love you guys! One question. What is your clan name for Clash Royale?

My favorite

Informational, funny and no 7 minute adds.

Router help

Hey guys I’m a driver by trader and I’m always looking for new things to listen to because let’s face it most radio stations are just a loop of the same songs all week. I just started listing to you all in December and immediately became addicted, I wanna go back and listen to older shows, could you recommend some of your favorites? Also, I’m getting a new place this year, and I’m fed up with paying rental fees for a router to my internet provider each month and never owning the product no matter how long I’ve had their service. I’m an avid online gamers and I was wondering what you all could recommend as far as a personal router goes, something affordable is always better we are on a budget. Looking forward to more great shows. Thanks guys!

Great Podcast

Hey guys. I love your show and haven't missed an episode in years. I work in the tech industry and your show keeps me updated with all of the latest chaos going on. I know you guys lean more towards sci-fi when it comes to reading, but I highly suggest giving The Name of the Wind a try. Based on what books you guys have mentioned liking, I think youd really enjoy it. Keep up the good work!

Rachael MP

A great combination of tech information and humour! Find out how tech companies are screwing us this week and how to protect yourself from rogue smart toasters and other perils of the internet!

Gold star

You guys are great. Format is fantastic and your reviews are concise and knowledgeable. I can’t recommend this podcast enough if you are interested in keeping up with joneses of the tech world this is the place to be

Funny, Current, F’d up!

Super entertaining. Wish there were fewer F-bombs so I could listening while my children were around.

Entertaining and really informative.

You guys talk about things that other says do not. I like your style and I said your podcast to my 84-year-old father enjoy yourself too.


Better they suffer through the mess so I don't have to.

Awesome show

I just love the show Great work guys