For real tho…

“Richie Rich and Nancy Pelosi Discuss the News”: 3/5 stars ”Bittner’s Tidbitts on Star Wars, Paintball Guns, Prepping, and Occasionally Even Security”: 1337/5 stars, A+++ would listen again

Great Show!

Jason and Brian are worth at most 2 1/2 stars each but that adds up to 5 stars so there you go!

Great grumpiness!

Love these guys. Love the banter between them. I always put them at the top of the list when the show arrives. Security Ha is one of my favs as is the library. I have gotten some great suggestions and I even tried some they stated weren't good (and they were right!) Dave Bitner is a great addition to Security Ha. Just got back from vacation 😢 and had 5 episodes to listen to. Score! Keep on grumping!

Great stuff

I wish I’d found this podcast sooner. The guys are great. The episodes are very educational & informative! Keep up the great work! “Insert Snarky Comment”

Great Tech Show w/ Syfy Sprinkled In

Jason and Brian are amazing hosts delivering great tech content. I especially love Jason‘s detail to the quality of the podcast that they produce as there are many podcasts out there that sound like crap. They are informed and do their research and don’t fly by the seat of their pants for the most part. My favorite part is the Syfy sorry no wait security section with Dave. You guys make me laugh every week. Keep up the good work.

Team Grumpy

Jedi Bittner pointed me to Sith GOG show a few years ago and now I am a full member of team grumpy. Thank you for the superb podcast in every respect. The Internet will be better soon! Not.

5 star show!

This is a 5 star show. Gave it 4 stars just to annoy Jason.

Entertaining way to kill an hour

They hate everything about the internet but there isn’t much to be hopeful for so can you blame em?

It Was Time To Show My Appreciation Again

It's been 2 years now that Grumpy Old Geeks has been my go to for making housework less of a chore. It was sad when you guys went to once a week although understandable. Cleaning days are twice a week and you had me covered. It was a hard decision wether to listen to you while cleaning upstairs or wait till later in the week when I did the downstairs. However, the upstairs won as I was less likely to be bothered by my child husband. I always learn something new, often something bizarre, sometimes discover something to add to my shopping list and am thoroughly entertained by the banter between the two of you. The inclusion of Dave B., for security segments (mostly 😉) is truly a delightful experience after one manages to get over all the unnerving information. It's a bit like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde performance. One never knows where those conversations might go. Grumpy Old Geeks is honest, insightful, irreverent and revealing ... it's something to look forward to once a week. Thanks!

Always a great and informative show.

Y’all wanted to make sure it works well here it is.

Older and grumpier

Sage advice from two travelers still on the digital journey. Listen and learn. Too bad they are old enough to remember programming in Fortran and GRID laptops that had a total memory of 362K.

Great show

Wish I found it sooner. This show is my podcast of choice on my commute day every week.

5 stars

5 stars for c&$ty mc c&$ty a lot

Friggin’ Sweeet

This show is great. Strike that, it is fuuu .. uuu .. uuu .. uuucking great. It is as advertised, and always entertains. Grumpa-lumpa everyone!

Why are peoples feelings so hurt

Great show as long as you have a sense of humor and don’t live in your mothers basement. Jason and Brian not only take trips down memory lane but also stay current on actual useful information in tech. I constantly look forward to my Wednesday drive. And to the one star hero’s out there…. No…. One… cares…about…. Your… reviews.

Hey You Kids Get Off Our Tech Lawn!

Description for this Podcast Tin GoG is not powered by AI nor ML and is certainly not a Crypto Wank fest—it is just a solidly snarky time from two older Tech Guys who both totally swear by, no scratch that, swear about the Blue Yeti microphone! GoG is like The Kominski Method and Silicon Valley meet up with their security friend Dave at a Furries Convention. If you prefer a more literal description GoG is a podcast with two older techies talking smack, razzing each other, and in between all that dropping in some spot on analysis of the commonly too hypocritical tech space.

Best Tech Podcast

Brian and Jason (and Dave) always deliver great content, and make sure not to take themselves too seriously. Each episode is informative, but also there’s lots of laughing along the way. I always look forward to my Wednesday commute to work listening to the latest episode.

My must have on wednesdays

Entertaining, informative, helped me through 2020, me not being a tech-girl I learned a lot and had as much fun. Thanks guys and keep going

Not nearly grumpy enough

Look, I’ve actually met both of you. Snark is in our blood, but somehow I managed to escape LA (Santa Monica) back in 97 and my cynicism grew while yours only seems to have festered. Brian’s leaving for another county (like I did) give me great hope that he might develop a level of callousness this show should definitely have. Not to mention any names here, but certain other co-hosts could learn something and flee the lunatic asylum after all these years and see that there is indeed no reason to hold back anymore. Seriously, you guys are and have been great. Brian you shouldn’t have a problem wiring in once your settled in Canada; it’s not like broadband isn’t better outside the United States (it generally is) and Dave manages to do it even during cicada season. Keep up the good work. P.s. I do miss running into you fools. (Now you really will wonder who wrote the review…) -W who left for Scandinavia, but was too stupid so came back to the US in time for President Orange Stain.

Looking forward to the show every week

I love the take the grumps have on news & tech every week. I always queue it up at the top for my Wednesday morning commute.

Great Podcast

Do you enjoy the two old guys from the muppets, that sit up in the balcony and heckle the stage? Boy! Do these guys have a show for you! They sit upon their podcast balcony heckling the tech world with an unfiltered wit. My favorite is the security portion with Dave. Dave, an unapologetic fury, brings industry insider knowledge on security going on in the digital world. Last weeks remix of “Dave - I’m Very Grumpy” had me laughing out loud in my car during my morning commute! Keep up the great work guys and stay grumpy!


Had to download this app to leave a review.

I started listening to these guys 2 years ago and I look forward to each new episode. Do you love Google Chrome? So do they, a lot.. probably sponsored by Google. Are you a fan of Elon Musk? Not a big a fan as these two. Want to hear all the good news about crypto? Well, these are your guys! Do you own a Ring camera? Tune in so you can listen to people who own multiple Rings. My only issue with them is that they are sponsored by Blue Yeti Microphone, even though it is obviously the best microphone ever and they use it ALL the time it’s just a little too weird how much they love that microphone. All in all an entertaining podcast by two dudes that wish they could join Clubhouse and dream about owning NFTs.

Exactly the Right Amount of Snarky

Confession time: I've been starring each episodes in Overcast from the start... But that's not enough - I want to live in a world where artists and journalists are able to make a living from their patrons - I have no excuse for not signing up for monthly donations before today - I added a couple extra bucks as pennance. Seriously though, G.O.G. is the best tech-news podcast out there. Keep up the good work. PS: thank you for ignoring the idjits telling you to stop talking about politics - democracy requires participation, and that means sometimes we have to talk about stuff.

Great show

Been listening for a while and look foreword to hearing their opinions on things happening in the in the tech wold. I don’t always agree but it is an interesting take.

Elon Musk's favorite podcast

Best part of my commute

Long time listener first time reviewer. I’ve been listening to these two grumps for a little over a year after hearing about them on the Cyber Wire and it’s almost scary how right they are. Every Wednesday I look forward to my commute home since I can generally listen to the entirety of the episode uninterrupted. The security segment with Dave is always entertaining and finding out about Dave’s “furry” tendencies justified him being my spirit animal. Keep it up grumps, you’re keeping me sane through this pandemic. Raphael

I love these guys. It's a grumpy slice of life every Wednesday to break up a day of me trying to explain science to people with varying levels of success and frustration. They throw in a bit of everything - geeky books, geeky TV shows, geeky news, geeky security (or maybe just security?), geeky shout outs and geeky apps and doodads, all mixed in with a bit of grumpiness. What I like is that the guys also bring their vast life and work experience into the mix too, making it a lot more personable and relatable than other podcasts. This leads to great parenting tips, stories of obsessive quests to find out if postal workers are jamming wifi and a look into the seldom revealed world or furries and storm troopers. These grumps may have opinions that you do not agree with. This has put some people off, but not me. After all, I have interacted with a few human beings during my life and I have not found a single one that I agree with about everything. Some people complain that they talk about politics, but come on, who DIDN'T talk about politics in 2020 (apart from Donald Trump - he was too busy rage tweeting at 3am whilst taking a dump*). So give this podcast a go and delve into the world of grumpy old geeks. Stay grumpy! *I'm not sure he wasn't taking a dump every time he rage tweeted. Just some times. Do not listen to this show if you are after erotica. I don't find any of the subject matter erotic. But maybe, I just don't know enough about tech.

I began listening to these guys because of Jason’s connection to The Jordan Harbinger Show, and because his advice helped me secure my email account from constant hacking. If you’ve ever complained about Facebook, have strong opinions on Star Trek and Star Wars or are a fan of technology, then this is a podcast for you. They're informative, funny and always an enjoyable listen.

Truly grumpy, sometimes concerning

They truly are grumpy, and that’s a good thing. The topics they cover on the show are always entertaining and thoughtful. Please also keep the Star Wars segment going with Dave. Four stars until Brian explains why he hates Hot Chip — I’ve listened to the show for years and I still don’t know why — it’s concerning. I really appreciate the content. Thank you! Fine, here’s your star back. I don’t even like hot chip that much, and I’m too lazy to find the episode. If they break up, it’s on you two! I still love the show though ❤️


Freaking love you guys!! I just found the show at the end of 2020, crazy year. I’m part of the GOG family now. Keep up the good work thank you! Best Pod ever! Love BITcoin, hahahahaha.

Truly grumpy, sometimes concerning

They truly are grumpy, and that’s a good thing. The topics they cover on the show are always entertaining and thoughtful. Please also keep the Star Wars segment going with Dave. Four stars until Brian explains why he hates Hot Chip — I’ve listened to the show for years and I still don’t know why — it’s concerning. I really appreciate the content. Thank you!

Extremely entertaining and informative podcast

These guys are like my grandpa if he was technology literate. They are informative and give you their opinions without any sugar coating. Extremely entertaining and the best podcast I have been put on to in years!

What a great show

I have been listening for the past 2 years and I love it. There is something for everyone. They bring great news and they discuss. The audio quality and production value is outstanding!!! I do not know how anybody can give less than a 5 star review!

Perfect. (Almost)

Ticks all the boxes. Disgust, right on point. Sarcasm, not nearly enough. (Yeah right!) Politics, piss off if your views don’t match my own! Tech, enough to keep the title. Security news is the most helpful, especially when giving macOS upgrade advice. Right, Dave? Thankfully, these dummies match by innate bias, which is all that’s important in news these days, amirite?!?

My favorite podcast

Thanks Grumps!

Look forward to it every week!

Need someone to bash every tech idea that's out there? This is the show for you - negativity at its best (:

A few last f*cks to give

Yeah, f*ck you guys. F*ck you guys. F*ck both of you. F*ck both of you. F*ck you Jason and f*ck you Brian. F*ck you both. F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you. I don’t like to curse, you know I generally don’t, it’s generally somethingI don’t want to do. Let me just say, without reservation: f*ck you guys. Both of you. F*ck you guys.

The Podcast we need, not the one we deserve

Need a reminder that it’s the world that is insane, not you? Join these soothsayers as they weekly (in ‘Precedented times’ more frequently) highlight tech and security news interspersed with the right amount of media news and nostalgia. The banter, rants, and news make this a Podcast that’s well worth your time. My only gripe is that they often present arguments/insights that force you into action (hence why I am writing this on my first Apple product).

Everything I want from a podcast

Funny, nerdy, well-produced, opiniony. I look forward to this podcast every week.

Excellent perspective

The PI 400+just shows everything goes full circle. Remember the commodore Vic 20, 64 and Amiga 500? A keyboard with all computing built into it. When are we going to see the return of the 5 1/4” floppy? Just sayin.



An eclectic collection of tech, sci-fi, and life

Jason and Brian offer opinions on everything from sci-fi fiction, movies and TV, life in Southern California, and how the tech industry has gone to hell in a wicker basket. If that doesn't catch your attention enough, listen to how Jason is constantly digging himself out of a finanacial hole or pull a foot out of an early grave. For spice, Dave Bittner will jump in to sing a few lines from the Music Man or discuss his furry adiction along with the day's security topics. Sounds weird? Oh, yeah.

Don’t die Jason

I’ve been a listener to pretty much every episode for a couple years now and really enjoy the show.. I’m sad to hear that they are only doing one episode per week now (I understand though) and am pulling for Jason to stay alive.. come on man!!!! Also I love when Dave comes on the show to talk about security (same also when Dave’s coworker filled in for him.. y’all should have both of them on more often if possible :) .. anyways keep it up y’all and STAY ALIVE JASON!!!

Funny, irreverent, informative

This is one of the two or three podcasts that I always make time to listen to every week. Even during the pandemic! Despite no longer having the commute + walking that was my dedicated podcast time! The two cohosts of the show do not suffer fools gladly. Their down-to-earth reviews of tech, tech leaders and the horrible economics of startups are always fair, honest and relevant; and frankly funny. Even when they’re castigating some wannabe tech titan. Occasionally some politics creep in - but real world politics do affect tech and in my opinion it’s an appropriate amount. Regular contributor Dave Bittner (CyberWire and many other awesome infosec-related podcasts) contributes the great “Security Ha!” segment. I also enjoy hearing from their occasional guests eg Seth from famous NYC photo/video/audio store Adorama. I always feel more informed about tech news, tech in general, and even if I disagree with their opinions it’s still an awesome show.

Most Entertaining Tech Podcast

Have been listening for years. These two bring a much needed sense of reality to tech news and life in general. I look forward to the shows every week. Keep up the excellent work!

Keep on keeping on

Oddly enough I discovered y’all whilst in jail and I’m now hooked! Love you guys real ness!

Calling the industry out on its crap while giving credit where credit is due

A comprehensive and critical take on the technology industry presented with much-needed grump humor, because if you can’t laugh at some of the crap going on these days, you’ll just go mad. It’s not all negativity, though. They definitely give credit where it’s due. I just wish it was due more often! I have one request that would make this perfect for me: with COVID, my routine is shot (like many) and I end up marathoning to catch up on GOG when I can. And I would love it if someone said the day and date of recording in the intro to give context. Keep on grumpin’

You’ve gotta fight for your right to be grumpy!

Just started listening to you guys this year, and I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to find this podcast. I love the insights and recommendations, and the fact that you two, while similar in many ways, disagree on many things, too. Thanks for all you do; looking forward to becoming a Patreon supporter soon!

Great show

I am a HVAC mechanic and work by myself so podcasts and audible are how I get through my day. Even though I am not a tech person I enjoy the show. I get great reading and media tips, plus it’s fun. Can’t wait to hear about Brian’s love for scooters.

Great grumpiness!

Love these guys. Love the banter between them. I always put them at the top of the list when the show arrives. Security Ha is one of my favs as is the library. I have gotten some great suggestions and I even tried some they stated weren't good (and they were right!) Dave Bitner is a great addition to Security Ha. Just got back from vacation 😢 and had 5 episodes to listen to. Score! Keep on grumping!


One of my favorite shows. A lot of great info; and you’ll find yourself talking back to the speaker 🔊 in agreement or disagreement. —not that they can hear you. Luls 🤪

Still great

Fun fun fun! Jason & Brian deserve a major talk show!

Great Great Podcast

I stumbled upon GOG about 7 months ago and their new episodes quickly became my most anticipated They offer a great discussion about how tech is invading our lives, but do so in a fun and light-hearted manner. Once things stabilize I will be throwing my money at these guys, because they really work hard to deliver for their listeners, and deserve way more than they are getting. Great podcast, and always worth your time!

grumpy old geeks awesome

This is quite simply the best podcast... period. Any detractors can just go jump in a lake. A perfect blend of topical, political, financial (well once you bring back the stock stuff) and good old grumpiness. My week is sad in between the shows and euphoric when a new one is dropped. My company recently gave all employees new iPhone Se’s to have their own contract tracing for C19 ... not for spying on them of course 🙈🙉🐵 🤣😂🤣 This is my first apple device, so I’m taking the opportunity to mash stars in overcast and write this review. Chin up chaps and grump on. Marts

Frustrated Incorporated

Fun banter by some grumpy tech dudes. Love hearing them vet and tear down new products. I pictured Brian as a bald dude, it appears he’s exactly the way a dude making websites for the goo goo dolls in LA should look. More nostalgic tech references and AI tear downs please.

Grumpy too

Hey Grumps, I started listening to your podcasts a few months ago. Been loving it! When I told my wife that I was listening to this podcast, she laughed, and laughed… and laughed… Then proceeded to say “That’s you!”. Yep, I have a Grinch ornament dedicated to me on our Xmas tree and I’m also an older web dev who’s still trying to figure out how to make money… So if you ever need a substitute grump, let me know! Brian, good luck with the toddler and quarantine. We have a 3 year old and 1 year old and this is pure torture. Everything will be easy after this nonsense. Also, Farscape is the best and has legs, BUT the 1st and good part of the 2nd season are not great. It redeems itself in the 3rd and 4th and is one of my favorites of all time, but you gotta pay for it… Anyhow, thanks for all the info and stuff you like! Keep grumpin!

Great show and appreciate political commentary

These guys are great frankly. While some (obvious) trump supporter whined, the hosts are only talking about the most obvious. I was actually wondering when they would start simply confronting the facts (not alternative facts but real facts). I think they did a great job without question. I listen to every show when it’s published.

Long live chillmeister!

For the longest time I thought his name was Brian Chillmeister! So awesome, my mind will never stop hearing it that way. Started listening a few years ago when Jason low-key plugged it on another podcast it. Been hooked ever since! Im class of 2000: too young for web 1.0 too old for web 2.0 and Im super grumpy about that! I missed the boat on both! This podcast keeps me chuckling about that fact. Listening from an undisclosed location in the outer rim of Silicon Valley. Thank you! Long live CHILLMEISTER!

Tech Never Felt So... Grumpy?

I look forward to every episode! Jason, ever tried a Florida Woman?

Fun ride

Every podcast is informative and fun to listen to while I take a break from griping and moaning about the world.

Tech w/ Snark!

Tech tech snarky tech. I’ve been listening to and recommending this pod for years. GOG’s healthy skepticism of Big Tech and refusal to drink the cool-aid keeps them ahead of the curve again & again. Love to hear their thoughts on possible Quarantimes Pt. 2 in the fall. Are there new strategies to employ and essentials to gather? Move to family or friends before a 2nd mass lockdown?

Best Tech Podcast with Grumpy Humor

Been listening to these guys since 2016 and I’ve enjoyed almost every episode! Jason and Brian are reason I feel like I have somewhat of a decent knowledge of whats going on in the tech world. Especially when they discuss the news with their banter and grumpy humor. I’m in my mid-twenties and its somewhat enlightening to listen in on their grumpy wisdom on tech. Thanks for helping me be informed and for all the tech tips. Keep up the good work and.... Deliveroo

Too good to be true

How to perfect a podcast. Listen to the pod heads of pod heads.

They’re grrrrrrrrrrrrrrumpy

I’m grumpy, I’m old, I’m a geek, and I’m in good company. I look forward to each new show that pops up in my feed. Since I often work alone I enjoy listening to you guys “talk shop”. Keep up the good work and stay grumpy!

Huge fan

Excellent tech info with a twist! Love it


Made me stop listening to all other podcasts. Now I am so addicted I had to restart on Spotify and I’m on #40. I listen to you guys when I drive a van for amazon. Every days extreme workload makes me feel like I work for Walmart, but you two somehow manage to make my day. I also run a WISP with two of my brothers 100 miles from our homes, and I love the technology aspect of your show. You should talk about QAM. Microwave frequencies are an unsung hero today. Keep up the good work and I’d love to hear from some more guests.

Wow what a great podcast!

This is the best podcast ever. They provide so much fresh incitement to the tech world, side tangents and other interesting topics. They are my go-to podcasts. 5 stars! Would recommend do everyone. PS , podcasts app is.. eh. Can’t “lookup” in the copy/paste select menu. 12.4.5 iPad mini and iPhone 8plus 13.3.1



One Of My Go-To Feeds In The Morning

I only discovered this great podcast a year ago and it quickly became one of two default podcasts to start my morning (the other being Never Not Funny). It's concise, funny, and informative. I'm a bit older but i still share most of their cultural references (except recent music which i lost track of around 1990). I've been using computers since the timeshare teletypes in my high school math office using yellow punch tape to save programs running the Moon Lander and Star Trek games in the mid-70's. After suffering with all sorts of OSs (especially WinDoze) i finally got my own Mac 15 years ago. Thanks to Jason and Brian for all the laughs and entertainment. P.S. even though i'm writing this on iTunes, I listen via the best podacast app in the world - Overcast (i've tried them all) and star every one i can. LL&P.

Proof I’m not alone

I may not agree with some of the political opinions of the hosts, but I can agree with most everything else. This is by far my favorite podcast and has been a highlight of my week during some really rough times. The balance of news, commentary, tech and occasional politics (tech related) is amazing. A true class act and a true pleasure. Thank you gents.

Team Grumpy

Papa Bittner pointed me to GOG a few years ago and now I am a full member of team grumpy. Thank you and keep up the great podcast.

Best grumpy tech podcast ever

These guys are great. They don’t just grump about tech, they grump about everything. As a 66 year old, I can dig that. I listen at work, where I grump about everything, too. Grumpiness is wonderful. Even the ads are great, though no one cares if I manscape or let nature run wild.

Episode 1 Lolz

“Can’t believe all Apple is making is a watch” , of course “oil will always be oil” thus Exxon having a higher market cap than Apple, where’s your Google Glass, Bryan ? Have only been listening since 2018 but dug out the original fossil. You guys have been killing it for years and please keep going. Stay grumpy

Great show! Also testing slack integration!

Testing to help out the podcast see if they get the slack notification! Also: These guys are fortune tellers! They humorously illustrate how over optimism in tech can be dangerous or just plain entertaining. It's good to get a cautionary take on tech, security, and pop culture. Keep on grumpin’!

Favorite tech show, hands down. Hosts are extremely responsive to feedback and (more importantly) knowledgeable about the field. My favorite episodes are the Saturday shows, especially the Security Hah and Apps & Doodads segments though I do listen to every ep that comes out as soon as I possibly can. Stay grumpy ? ❤️

The only tech podcast worth listening to

I love Manscaped! When you get too furry, clean it up in a hurry. Also, Jason and Brian are pretty cool too. Just give it a listen already!

Hours of entertainment

Started listening to this show cause it sounded interesting and made the half mistake of listening at the beginning. While audio quality was bad, kinda fun to hear how bad the all iot companies were “great”. Can say the newer episodes are a lot better and I do agree with a lot of what they say, even though I’m one of the millennials they harp on (though I am an anomaly as my one social media account is Facebook that I never post on). Would heavily recommend to all non-snowflakes. Stay Grumpy

Grumpy OG’s

The best podcast whose site ends with .show - now at less than half the cost of the closest competitor! Features include: - grumpy - ragging on e-scooter morons - ragging on C-suite morons - debating what makes a technology company - advice on grooming your nads - furries - shout outs for funny reviews

Perfect tech show for the new and old

I started listening to this show a couple of months ago and have been working my way through the backlog of old episodes. Even though I am new to the tech field and almost 20 years younger than Jason and Brian, I still relate so much to many of their themes and thoughts. I spend a lot of time in the car listening to their shows, and honestly feel that their insights have helped me immerse myself into the world of tech in ways I never quite have before. Their reporting of news, while moderately opinionated, never seems to tell you how to feel about it and instead gives you their thoughts as people that have “been there, done that.” I also thoroughly enjoy their media suggestions such as books and tv shows, and have found myself keeping a list of things to check out after particularly passionate episodes, such as the books “Deamon” and “Freedom” by Daniel Suarez. Keep up the good work and as always, stay grumpy.

Grumpy, Furry and Geekier than You Can Imagine

The header says it all. Listen to this podcast or the Fur Mafia will find you :-)

Best tech podcast

This is a very enjoyable podcast that keeps me informed on the latest trends in technology. I really like the cybersecurity discussions. Stay grumpy! Jeff W

Best Tech podcast Gen X Available

Fun and easy lo learn, even easier way to get up to date about the Tech news

Great Tech podcast

I don’t consider myself old but I do find myself completely identifying with these 2 geeks. Great podcast to keep up with what is going on in tech. I have a 3 year old “turdler” at home and have found myself sharing many of the same frustrations and concerns with Brian when it comes to kids and tech. PS, the manscaping ads make me giggle every time I hear them. Edit to add: I love how links to everything you talk about are included in the show notes.

My favorite podcast by far. Top-notch audio quality, great chemistry with the hosts and solid content on a reliable schedule.

A tech podcast so good

I downloaded the Apple Podcast app just to give them a 5 star review!

Authentic, raw, tech (social impact & security), sci-fi and pop culture driven and most of all GRUMPY! I love this show!

Something To Look Forward To

Housework is not the most invigorating task especially when you've done it for decades. However, it's a perfect time to put on a podcast and scrub away. This podcast covers a lot of topics while still giving one a good peek under the sheets. There are issues covered that I would never have come across in my everyday life. Information is not doled out in a dry manner but with humor and sarcasm. I walk away with pointers that make me wiser about my tech purchases, help me improve many aspects of security, keep me in the know of books/cinema/TV and much, much more. They do tend though to giggle A LOT between each other. One does have to wonder if they are simply that joyful or if there are substances involved 🤔 Anyway, kudos to the format, the quality and the overall tone they bring to the podcast. I simply can't manage to do my household chores without them.

Best Gen-X pod on the net

This is probably the best podcast for Gen-Xers if not everyone. Without a doubt we have all lost our starry eyed view of the internet. If your a Gen-Xer you embraced the internet but being a product of a divorced home, you know that all things come to an end. Well, we’ve all seen how the internet has ended our hope of a connected, better world. These guys will tell you how it happened; in excruciating detail. It is the one place that calls out grifter tech gurus, gullible Facebook boomers, and despicable tech companies that have turned out to be just another type of robber baron. Keep listening, get off Facebook and listen to the Grumps!

Grumpy Old Geeks is a twice weekly tech show that I love. Jason and Brian break down what is happening in the tech world and acerbically discuss what they think of it. While they are grumpy as the title suggests, they are also funny and you can tell that they really love technology.

The only podcast I listen to religiously

Love this podcast, keeps me current on everything going wrong with technology, so I can be that guy when I’m out with my friends.. Just upgraded to macOS Catalina, and checked out the new Podcast app, and listened to your podcast at regular speed for the first time in forever.. Are you guys talking slow on purpose? Just kidding.. I travel up to the valley on a regular basis, if you guys ever have a GOG Social or something, I’d be happy to buy you guys a beer.. Keep up the great work!


The show is kinda lame but worth forwarding through boring chatter on technology and news to get to the brilliant ads, what a strategy it keeps me hooked. Especially the ball shavers - those are the best. I. Even give them money each month to hear it! Keep it Groomy.

A delightful podcast from a couple GenX geeks

Smart guys? CHECK FUNNY? Check Jokes about old computer stuff? CHECK A great podcast and I giggle at the ads because sometimes ball jokes are funny.


I actually had to reinstall apple podcasts just to leave this review but seriously screw that guy who left the 1 star review because the ads were “an insult” not only am I happy to listen to some ads to support the great content that is provided for free twice a week but some of the ads have turned me on to some amazing services (My wife and I both use Privacy for all our online shopping) I discovered this show a couple of months ago and now I never miss and episode and once we are past the money pit that is the holidays I plan to start donating to the patron or PayPal as well as continuing to listen to the top quality ads!

Where Do I Begin!!!???

Love these guys to the depths. They say what I am thinking, and are funny to boot! This is a guaranteed soundtrack on my daily commute to the Napa Valley! Keep it combing gents!

Great show!

Really is the best technology show out there. Excellent combination of laid back fun with tech nerd dashed in which makes for easy listening. And the ad strategy is amazing!! :-)

Ads are great

I give this show 5 starts simply for the amazing ads. They have helped my network stay private and virtualized. Helped me get fresh meat delivered to my door, and never has my manscape been so manscaped. The other segments of the show could really use some work. However I can never unsubscribe cause those 120 seconds in the middle of the show make listening to the other 50 minutes of the show all worth it. Grump on!

Great stuff

I wish I’d found this podcast sooner. The guys are great. The episodes are very educational & informative! Keep up the great work! “Snarky Comment”

So Grumpy So Good

These two are the Statler and Waldorf of technology. I anxiously await each episode to hear what I should be upset about next, can’t get enough!

Keep it up

Love teh show. Thanks so much for a solid tech cast.

My meager payment and indignant review, so smile-UPDATED!

Would have rated the show at six stars, less one star as I had to leave a snarky remark/comment--consider a 5 of 6 (Next Gen) and a MeatSpace score of 4.755. Guess I wil just have to go to the website, what is the address again? Knowing you're both Sci-Fi buffs/fanboys I guess I am older than both of you as I predate your cultural linkage by way of Lost in Space, Ginger was hot. Sorry I couldn't feed the collective kitty or Jason's dogs, as I am snowed in this year and NASA won't fly me out. // AI Snarky ON Old codgers have remained true to their charter, stay grumpy! // AI Snarky OFF

Great Podcast!

Informative, funny and entertaining. Cringey at times but its all good fun. Definitely worth subscribing to.

Grumps, not chumps

I look forward to each episode! These guys are an excellent addition to your podcast lineup. The show is well organized, and prepared. Br(y/i)an and Jason tackle tech news like true grumpy old men (because they are). I am glad I found this show and will continue to listen as long as they stay on. Stay GRRRRRRUMPY!!!!!!

Funny and relevant

Listening to these guys banter back and forth about the week’s tech news is like hanging out with your own geek buddies at the local bar. They’re funny and crass, yet witty, and always entertaining. Each one is more miserable than the other, but they always get joy in the misfortunes of major social media companies and tech conglomerates. At the end of each episode, you come away more informed than most in the world of tech, and just itching to bite someone’s head off from the latest global privacy breach. A must listen, and keep up the great work Grumps! Deliveroooooooo!!

Great show 7 out of 5 would recommend !

Grumpy news, interesting topics. From technology to “politics”, Jason and Brian will keep you up to date with what’s going on in the whole interwebs and more. You won’t be disappointed by their great content they will always deliveroo!!!


Racists? No.

Finally a real show!!!

Grumpy or not, very entertaining show. Stay grumpy my friends.


I am nether old nor a geek but I am grumpy. An excellent show to listen to if you want to keep up with the tech and media news. Makes for a great listen during my walk to school or when I’m smoking my pipe to relax. I’ll hop on the Patreon when I get a real job. Thank you Jason and Brian for quality content in a sea of trash

Drop it like it’s hot

These guys deliver. Phenomenal show.

Not so grumpy but very entertaining.

More like very blunt middle age men.

Love your show

Thanks for all you guys love your Humor in all great news you bring to the show thanks

It me!

If you've ever felt grumpy, outraged, or overwhelmed by today's technology, you will see a lot of yourself in this podcast. The hosts go over the tech news of the day, calling out ridiculous trends like the proliferation of electric scooters, and making predictions about the future of technology that often prove true! (Protip: nobody ever went wrong predicting the worse possible outcome for any technology.)

Informative and geeky

I like this podcast. I listen to it on my daily commute. Its funny, informative, geeky, and for sure grumpy. I usually forget to go back and check show note afterwards, I hope there is a newsletter with the notes sent to my email directly. Thanks a lot guys and stay grumpy.

reliably awesome

This podcast is probably the only one I listen to regularly. I hate when they get political, but they seem to realize that we all don't agree with each other and avoid the topic as often as possible. This is the most professionally sounding podcast out there, and they are funny / interesting / snarky.


It starts with a curious press of a button. Before you know it, you’ve grabbed the tail of the dragon. Shout out to Morgan for dealing me my first episode. A witty, informative, snarky, sobering look at the world of tech and what went wrong. I picked up a few episodes back in March. As a glutton for punishment, I went back to episode numero uno and began to binge the whole thing. My commute allows me to polish off an episode or two a day. I cheered at episode 100, was jubilant at episode 200 and can’t wait to reach episode 300. From babies born (congrats) to watching Bam Bam (Brian, drink!) on Jason’s Chinese web cams; I’m hooked. Currently up to December of 2017... miles to go before I sleep.

Informative and entertaining

I am neither old nor grumpy. In fact, I am young and rather optimistic. However, this podcast provides an informative and realistic take on the goings on in the tech world. (At least as far as I can tell. I am by no means what you would call a tech expert). Although Jason and Brian love to make fun of my generation, I apprecaite their insights and humor as I learn more about this world that baffles me.

OLD !?! -HA!

These whippersnappers moan & graon like they're the ones who typed out Fortran programs on punch cards (after walking to school barefoot in the snow uphill). Serously, this is a great cast about things internet. And for anyone who might object to some left of center opion - sit down & shut up. I disagree sometimes too, but hearing someone out is the right thing to do.

Once you start..

you can't stop listening to these guys. arguably the best dynamic between Jason and Brian out of all the podcast's I listen to. Been listening to them since the beginning and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. For newcomers, check out the early'll make you appreciate the current, uh..quality of the podcast that much more!

Great Relevant Tech Talk with more

Does tech interest you? Do you like other stuff too? Then check out these grumps!

It’s worth a try. . .

They are not old or very geeky. They are grumpy and enjoyable.


In my world I started to cheer up about the future then my wife told me about these guys. I find myself listening to them more than anything other podcasts I subscribe to because they are me. I’m back to my gloom and doom self wishing for one hellacious EMP to thin the herd (Sucky Zucky is a good start) Stay grumpy. I need some kind of hopelessness to look forward to.

Great content

Great show . Funny

Listen to this show..or don't, I'm not your boss.

As far as cooking shows go, I'd give them a D-, but I guess if you listen to the underlying messages there's some A+ tech content in there. I've heard some great tips about password managers, suggestions for protecting credit cards, and otherwise great tech, gadget, and media discussion, but I still don't know how to make an amuse-bouche. Seriously though, I've been listening for however long it's taken Jason to move from LA to Chicago and back to LA again, and have always enjoyed the content, the banter between Jason and Brian, and the format of the show. The racoon king is also a great addition to the security segment. Keep on grumpin.

Great show guys

The only thing better then grumpy old geeks is the squeal coming in 2020 Grumpier old geeks. Don’t miss this original podcast

Love these guys!!

The grumpiest grumps and I love it!! Been listening to these guys for about a year and a half and just now signed up for a Patreon donation. From the ever changing landscape of tech and accompanying moralism (or lack thereof), the erosion of our ethics, privacy and such, these guys touch a lot of bases to keep you up to date with our Orwelian world. News, music, books, security, tech toys...all is here. A joy to my short podcast subscription list. From a fellow grump myself, stay grumpy!! Oh yeah....Deliverooooooooooo!!!!

Re: The TWA wings

Hey dudes! At the end of episode 339 I heard some reminiscing about getting the airline wings and how they don’t do that anymore. On Alaska Airlines, this very February, I asked for and received a pair of wings and got to pop my head in the cockpit and say hi to the flight crew. Anyways, love the show, been binging since I discovered y’all back in November. Enjoy the 5 star, you earned it.

The only podcast I listen to..

Love your stuff, you keep me chuckling every episode. As a "Furry" webcaster, I know it is hard to put together a tight, clean, well leveled and edited production, and you guys do a good job of it. Send a furry YAP over to your furry buddy Bitner for me :) --Yappy Fox, a grumpy "gray muzzle" geek.


Only tech show I've listened to for the past five years. A technology show about actual opposed to other tech shows that only talk about the new phones and tablets. Mix of of current events with tech, books, security, random ramblings...all good stuff.

I hate them!

Guess what... You can hate them too! I highly recommend listening to their bi-weekly podcast every errrr... week so you can fully grasp how much I truly loathe them. It may take a few years of listening but it's worth it. They're loathsomely loathsome. In the end you may end up like me and hate-sponsor them with a few dollars just so that you can keep the hatred alive. Stay grumpy!™

Take your 5 star!

Great podcast. From one grump to another.

You finally got me to give you the review you deserve

On long drives I love listening. I save a number of episodes and then the drive just flies by. They never seem out of date, always provide useful information (and some that is just funny - which is also useful on long drives!!). I have been part of "this world" since I bought my first Compaq Computer (before Compaq even had hard drives!!!). So I guess I also qualify as an "Old Geek." Keep up the Geeking.

Angry about the right stuff

These guys are frustrated about the weak links in the chain - the people! Sad that they never learn but I know I learn from them every time they post a new episode. The 2 times a week is great as I need my "fix" and more is better. Thank you for the insight and experience and educated recommendations! I'm posting on here but listen on Overcast and don't have enough stars in enough podcasting apps to support you more. Thank you, Jason And for kicks for JPD - Deliverooooo!

Educational, Grumpy and Just plain good

These are the guys you used to stalk in the coffee room at work just to listen to them complain and get up to date on the news. It's technical, it's a barrel full of laughs and it's grumpy. You'll learn and be well entertained by them in the process. This is not your momma's podcast. GRUMP ON! And I want to hear Jason say, "Deliveroo"

They put the F-U in fun

An enjoyable listen.

The only tech podcast I need

I've been listening to Jason and Brian weekly for over a year and by now they are the only tech podcast I listen to and practically the only podcast I have time for these days. These guys have a finger on the pulse of today's digital zeitgeist. I really enjoy the bi-weekly format because the news and updates are always fresh. I get my cybersecurity fix on Mondays with guest Dave Bittner, and then my latest update on Media on Thursdays. I'm roughly the same age as Jason and Brian and a very similar life story, having started building websites in the mid 90s. I'd like to think I'm not as grumpy, but I find myself agreeing with almost everything they say and catch myself laughing out loud during my morning commute. Stay grumpy!

Gloriously grumpy fellows

I’m glad they don’t compromise the way I have. Willing to use the appropriate language to describe the idiocy and uncaring malice in today’s internet and related politics and business practices. I always laugh out loud several times a show. After the second show I went around telling people about the podcast and how wonderful it was. But I also warned them it might not be safe for work or sensitive family members. I also enjoy their backgrounds in doing IT for music and other businesses. A million thanks for doing all the work against the odds. Keep on keeping on as we older geeks used to say

Listen to this!

GOG is the only podcast I subscribe to and listen to regularly. I’m older than them, grumpier than them but not as geeky. They resonate with me. I trust them. I grump with them. I’m cursing mad at the same things they are.

Meets expectations

Performs duties as assigned,

Love this show

Love listening to you guys while at work. I think you have a lot of knowledge to pass down to the younger geeks like me(30/m). I hope your show keeps growing. I also hope those who make important changes to tech will be listening! Also wondering if either of you listened to the Rogen podcast with Jack Dorsey of Twitter on banning/censorship. I could understand if Rogen isn’t your cup of tea but would love to hear your thoughts. Stay grumpy!

Interesting Nerds :)

I like this show, it’s unique. Quite a few things up my alley. :)

Great for old geeks!

I love these two. They find all the interesting tech stories and discuss them with the wisdom of been-there, seen-that tech veterans. This is great for me as I can't be arsed to do the reading, but appreciate keeping up to date. They also have good taste (well, aligned with mine) in music, TV and books. Being a similarly aged, vintage geek, I get all their jokes and it's a bit like hanging out with the smart and cynical coders from my old jobs. They have a genuine rapport, and chuckle at each other with glee. Of the two, Jason's always a bit more of a wildcard, but that's fun too when he gets on his soapbox and rants. Thanks Jason and Brian! You guys do a great job. Oh, and production values are super too.

Love the grumpy cynicism!

I’m an old tech guy myself, and remember the boom and bust of the 90’s. Love to hear other “learned” voices commenting on the way things are going (Badly!). Keep it up!


You guys are awesome! I work at pretty simple job making lasers that I know will be taken by AI within the next 10 years. But I doubt AI will listen to Podcasts while working?! So you guys make my job that much easier 😀. Keep up the great work! -jimmy

Funny & spot on

This is a really good podcasts. These guys say what everyone else is thinking, they do it will humor. Love to laugh with/at these guys. Also, full of good information. Recommend everyone check it out

Keep up the Grumpy!

It’s refreshing to catch up with you guys twice a week on the absurd events that unfold. There is never a short of stupidness in our society today! Highly recommended show!

A great start to my Monday.

You guys are the best. I usually get a good laugh from Brian and Jason. You are the best tech podcast since the old Maximum PC No BS podcasts from back in 2007-2008. You really open my eyes about security and the whole Facebook fiasco and have even inspired me to do my very own podcast, albeit on a completely different subject - cars! Thanks guys, keep it up.

Funny, informative, and grumpy

I've been listening for years now and figured I'd leave a review. I guess I like the show. They help me catch up with the news and give me a chuckles. Keep up the good work!

Aerobics Replacement

Between cheering them on for being brilliant and screaming that they’re idiots, I certainly get a workout each week. But through it all they never fail to make me think. So thank you. Now GET OFF MY LAWN!!! Just stay grumpy while you do!

Cup of Java

Great podcast that gives the listener a dose of sweet creamer in the coffee cup of life!

Better than FM

I listen to the show because it is at least better than what is on the FM radio.

My Listen or Die Podcast

These guys are the bomb diggity! Highly irritable, well informed and amazingly informative and entertaining. Makes my commute and work route exceedingly enjoyable. ***Sorry not feeling too snarky, atm. ***

A Grumpy Young Geek Enjoys Grumpy Old Geeks

I consider myself pretty plugged into the tech world being a video game nerd who works in IT, but these guys keep me well informed on the current happenings twice a week which I find really enjoyable. The only times I get mildly annoyed with the show is when they rag on millennials because it gets kind of old, especially when people have literally been doing this about the generation after theirs for millennia. But to complain, rant, rave, and call for boycott would be about equivalent to saying “mnyehhhh but not ALL men!!” So I’m only doing one of those things (complaining, duh). But it’s a good show, updates frequently and consistently, the guys aren’t afraid to disagree with each other (so the show isn’t just a circular “look at us; we’re so smart and #woke” kind of deal). Highly recommend if you want to know what’s going on in the world of tech, politics as it relates to tech, pop media, books, and more! P.S. How have the scooter companies not crashed and burned as much as their scooters have been crashed or set on fire? With as many as get dumped or destroyed (because humans are garbage) you’d think they’d be hemorrhaging money for those things.

I favorite podcast

They have the best show notes in the business. I like reading along while I'm listening to them.

Grumpy indeed

One of my favorite podcasts because these guys are real. They aren't fake, they’re real people and they’re really grumpy. Sometimes they’re really really grumpy, sometimes only mildly grumpy. If they were cartoon they would be the grumpy bears. Grumping here and there and everywhere. Good book recommendations too.

Better then a poke in the eye.

You could do worse things than subscribing. Brian and Jason are easily crankier than a senior citizen who just missed double coupon day at the supermarket, and you might just learn something from them.

My favorite podcast!

I have a really long commute and you guys make it bearable. I can learn and laugh along the way. Keep it up. I strongly recommend it.

It's pretty good.

Not too bad.

Smarter and Grumpier

As a tech idiot, this podcast makes me smarter. As a curmudgeon, this podcast makes me grumpier. Keep up the surly work!

Great podcast!

Meant to write a review earlier, this is a great podcast. Writing a review now to tell JASON that sudden memory problems could indicate a mold problem in your new place. Best way to test this out is go on a trip, try to wear new clothes or borrow clothes from a healthy friend (since the mold might be from your washing machine). If you improve and/or badly crash when you go back to your place, it is not safe and you need to move. I am not a doctor, but my family has been living a mold nightmare and my spidey sense went up when you mentioned your health issues.

Entertaining and Informative

I’ve been listening to GOG for about a year now, and I’ve found that it is one of the few podcasts that I actually stick to listening and get a little excited when a new episode comes out. Brian and Jason have great chemistry, excellent quality, and of course aren’t afraid to share their opinions and tell things the way they are. They give a great take on current tech news, and always have something interesting that makes me laugh! I’m loving getting a new episode twice a week now as well! I actually work as a dog walker/sitter myself (having used websites such as and, back when it existed, DogVacay), so I’m always happy to hear about the love Jason has for his dogs. Listening to these two have gotten me through long days of walking, and I’m actually on my second listen through of the back catalog just to fill the silence through the day (and I always think they’re a little hard on themselves about their early shows). I’m hoping to be able to support them on Patreon soon when I’m out of college, and look forward to a lot more listening!

Not Grumpy–realistic!

A clear-eyed view of the world at large, with disarming honesty used to talk about things that are important to us all (notwithstanding the title). Entertaining, informative and crucial to one's daily well-being. Thank you!

Funny but Sad

Five stars to counter the one who doesn’t want to hear discussion of public policy. You can’t separate Washington’s venality and stupidity from what’s happening in tech. Otherwise, you get ubiquitous, unregulated social platforms that allow the promotion of murder, misinformation, spying on innocent people, treason, inequality, the rise of oppressive power and brutality, a populace controlled by lies. We wouldn’t want that. GOG does its own tiny bit to reveal, with biting humor, the sad and even terrifying state of tech. F***T****

My go to podcast

I absolutely enjoy listening to this podcast while working on my Etsy orders at home. I have my own shop on Etsy & I think It’s a pretty helpful platform for starting your own business, would be cool to hear your thoughts about it. Also, my kids (11 & 14yrs old) have heard this podcast a little while I’m working sometimes and they think you guys are hilarious! :)

Blue light

The Largest source of blue light in your daily life is the Sun. 😮

Best A.I. Podcast out there

Are you a fan of: -Space Force! -? -Artificial Intelligence? -The Burg’s (Zuck and Sand)? -Furries? -EULAs? -Digital Privacy? -Bitcoin? Look no further. G.O.G. Is a juicy, one-stop show for everything Tech...marinated in sarcasm, realism, and a (yuge!) dose of wisdom. #MTGA (make tech great again!)

Simply - the BEST!

Happy 300th. Love these guys! Nuff said!

Great Geeks

I've been Listening for a while and finally decided to write a review (even though I left a rating a few months ago). Jason and Brian are hilarious and bring a rare honesty to the show. I agree with almost all that they say about technology and being a web developer from the 90's I have a similar perspective on many things. The show is a must listen for me and I've gotten several of my geek friends hooked as well. Keep doing great work.

Grumpy for all

Love this show! I am only 22 so not quite an Old Geek but still Grumpy as hell at the current state of tech. This podcasts beautiful sums up the most important weekly news and never spend to much time on a single story. Highly suggested for anyone who wants to stay current on tech news.

New GOG fan

I listen to all the shows now and they make me feel smart and arrogant about my knowledge of the happenings in the tech world. I gave you $1 a month bc you are at least worth 1/5 of a beer a month. Maybe a whole beer some day

I thought I was a GOG

I thought I was a Grumpy Old Geek, then I heard this podcast. I am grumpy, old (over 50), and a geek, but these guys are the masters.

Now with 10% more grumpiness

When you’re feeling down and low because you can’t understand the millennials, crack open a beer and listen to these geeks who will always have your back. They're happy enough to leave the politics to the politicians. So set your mind on cruise control and enjoy some free geek wisdom.

Excellent podcast

Whether needing a good commute podcast or a primer to the week’s tech news, nothing is better than GOG! Even suburban soccer Moms approve!

Fun listen

Hosts tilting at windmills very entertaining keep on

Love the show

I just started listening to the show last week about five episodes in and love what you guys do. I related it to my husband that it reminds me of the Techtv show screensavers if they were allowed to drink and cuss on the show. I do agree our technology has advanced beyond security, law, or even basic common sense. This is the star of how the robots will take over. You guys do amazing stuff, keep up!

So much yes

Been listening to this show since the year began and I am so fecking excited every time I see a new episode. This has truly become a part of my routine. This show is so fecking great. Keep it uppp! ^.^

Grumpy Old Geeks

Fun and entertaining. I agreee with them almost none of the time, but they never fail to make me laugh!

Learn something grumpy

Fun and entertaining. Keeps me informed on the latest ride-sharing economy blockchain IPO scam while reminding me of when privacy used to (sort of) exist. I quit following the product suggestions after Jason convinced me to move from Opera to Firefox only to switch right back after I got used to Firefox, but my browser and I forgive him. Give it a listen.

Old Army geek

I love getting 2x the banter now, amazing show that keeps us old timers up to speed on this Dad-blamed block chain.

Funny and Smart

Listening to Jason and Brian always makes the time pass by quickly. Their sense of humor is dry but witty and their knowledge of the tech industry is well balanced; they aren’t savant coders or computer scientists, but they’ve worked at the ground level and understand the bigger picture. Definitely a good listen, and twice a week is even better.

best podcast ever

I have been listening to GOG for going on 2 years now and I live for the now two days a week (!!!) when shows are published. I myself am only very indirectly in the tech world -- my last 3 serious boyfriends have all been IT nerds, so I at least have heard some of the $5 words yall use and have some fodder for conversation topics. My curent beau seems to agree with your opinions the most, so he's obviously a keeper! I am also a huge fan of the sense of humor that infuses each episode. The snarkism is probably one of the main things that keeps me listening even the mechanics behind a lot of the actual topics are waaay over my Liberal Artsy head (what field I'm in is kind of ambiguous... my former dissertation advisor referred to me as a Phenomenological Cultural Analyst....?) Thanks so much for everything you do. Also, I just made a recurring donation of $2.50/month on Patreon. :D

Legendary Podcast!

Jason & Brian have a great rapport. Fun take on tech, GREAT topics. Grumpy old geeks is a MUST!

Great Grumps

A podcast with tech and humor coming from two down to earth guys. I have listened to many other podcasts that try to be too serious. The lighthearted, sarcastic attitude of Jason and Brian is just what I need to make my week better. Guys I didn’t think I would like the new twice a week format but I must say it is nice to have more episodes.

How Much is Too Much?

I catch myself laughing like an idiot on my drive to and from work - and then I learn something. Great show guys.


Twice a week now?! Be still my heart. Love the show, love the discussion points, and I love the bleak outlook. I’m newish to the world of IT and this really helps keep me in the loop.

Change in the right direction

I’ve been listening to you guys for about 9 months now, always left wanting more. Glad you guys are moving to two episodes per week. The show is great, informative and funny sometimes, it’s almost as if I have two more dads ha ha keep it up!🔥🔥🔥


Hey guys, long time listener and Patreon donation person guy thing there. I almost gave you a four star because iTunes is a terrible platform for writing a review since I had to download the app and couldn't just do it from the browser. A little difficult when you're on a company laptop and only have an Android tablet at home. BUT I managed to do it to say keep up the great work. I appreciate it.

This show is one for the books!

In major defeat for Uber and Lyft, New York City votes to limit ride-hailing cars - The Verge Great Show!

Amazing podcast

Just wanted to let you know I just started listening to your podcast a few weeks ago and I am loving every minute of it. Listening to your podcast has actually motivated me to begin the work of starting my own podcast. Something I’ve been wanting to do with a friend of mine. Oh and by the way, just when you thought you’ve heard enough about scooters, I stumbled upon modobag. The first luggage of its kind that you can also ride around at the airport as a scooter. I thought you’d get a kick out of people zooming around at the airport riding on their luggage.

Amazing Podcast!

As a college student looking forward to working in the tech industry you guys are the best to listen to! Your personal experiences teach me a lot and have given me many insights on what it means to be a good person in the tech world!

Great show!

I’m fairly new to this podcast, and loved it so much I became a Patreon supporter. I love the news, and humor really help me get through these horrible trumpy times. Thanks for everything you guys do and I look forward to a lot more episodes!

Not bad

Every time I work I feel empty while staring at a computer screen. Nothing but depressing thoughts, but now thanks to this podcast I can now have 2 guys bickering about stuff that’s wrong with the world, and laughing about it! So thanks I’ve really come a far way!

Great show

GOG is a great podcast about everything tech, security and the like. Brian and Jason along with Dave make for a hilarious time as they grumpily jest about what’s wrong with everything on the internet and beyond. Stay grumpy gents!

Best tech Podcast ever!

You guys are funny and smart! Thank you for making my commute to work entertaining. deliveroo!!!!

Uncompromising analysis at the tech news and geek culture

Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister use the tech news as an excuse for sharing their knowledge and experience of technology and geek culture in a very entertaining way. Thank you very much and keep grumpy, also thanks to Dave Bittner how introduce me to this podcast.

Love this Show!

I’m a 20 year old System Administrator and I love listening to your podcast on the commute to work! I agree with many of your stances and enjoy it when you tear apart the villains of the tech world! Check out Decenturion!! Might be a good candidate for Morons of the week! Blockchain based state!

Are you feeling lucky?

I like to turn this show into a drinking game. Every time they swear or talk about birds, take a drink! If you make it through the whole show, I am impressed (Very impressed). You are either my hero or fellow alcohol-loving Canadian. If you are sober enough to listen to the actual show, it is really good! Great guys, great stories, great snark.

What a couple of Grumps! My kind of guys!

These guys are the best way to stay up to date on all the tech news thats fit to know about, and a bunch that isn't. Along with sidekick Dave Bittner, they also cover security and the like. Other than a slightly unnerving hatred for Bird scooters, which is ade up for with a great taste in music, these are some of the best and intelligent voices on the internet today. Start your week off right, stick Jason and Brian in your earholes. It'll make you a better person. I think. Maybe.

Funny and interesting

I like the perspective and you guys are so funny. Good stuff.

Grumps Unite! Awesome Podcast.

Stop what you're doing and subscribe to this podcast! Even if you're not grumpy or old, Brian and Jason will have you nodding your head at all the stupid things that are happening on the internet. And remember, A.I. does not exist!

Great tech podcast

Great podcast to help stay aware of all things tech and the cyber security section is fantastic. Highly recommended.