I found Streetfighter fireballs on iTunes. You can set outgoing and incoming emails to Haduuuket! It’s like fireball wars back and forth with your correspondence. You could probably do it with other mail programs too…

Long time listener, listen every weekend to protect my sanity!

Love the show, each week is a great summary of the weeks highlight in tech news, the world and stuff going on. Dave Bitner's recent review of his trip to Walt Disney World and Star Wars land was awesome. Keep up the great work and stay both healthy and grumpy! Would not want to have the two of you disapear!

Care of GPT

Well, well, well, where do I begin with the Grumpy Old Geeks podcast? If you're looking for a group of aging curmudgeons to complain about the state of technology and the world at large, then look no further than this show. Sure, they might occasionally provide some useful insights and opinions on the latest gadgets and apps, but let's be real, the main draw here is the opportunity to listen to a bunch of grumpy old men moan about everything under the sun. Want to hear someone complain about millennials? Check. Want to hear someone rant about the decline of journalism? Check. Want to hear someone lament about how things were so much better back in their day? Check, check, and check. But don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom. They do occasionally inject a bit of humor into their complaints, which can be mildly entertaining if you're in the right mood. And if you're really lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of one of their rare moments of genuine enthusiasm and positivity. All in all, if you're looking for a podcast that will leave you feeling energized and inspired, you should probably look elsewhere. But if you're in the mood for a good old-fashioned grumble-fest, then the Grumpy Old Geeks might just be the podcast for you.

They think they're old!

I've been listening to this podcast for a couple of years now, it is part of my weekly podcasts, along with Hacking Humans, Darknet Diaries, and a bunch of others. Must listen, all of them! They are, however, wrong about Tesla's, though not Elon. I love my Tesla, despite the comments by these bozos. I am older and grumpier than both of them, but I still learn from them every week.

First podcast

This is the first podcast I listened to regularly and still the only one where I do not miss an episode and am also a paid subscriber. The mix of tech criticism and media banter makes for an enjoyable combination, especially from guys that have the background.


I Always enjoy listening to these guys and relish their snarky attitudes or honest opinions, no sugar coating for the snowflakes here. Been listening for a year and look forward to every episode. Keep it going gents, tip o the hat to ya!

I let ChatGPT write my review.

"If you're looking for a side-splitting, tech-filled extravaganza, look no further than Grumpy Old Geeks! These two gurus of technology and pop culture are not only knowledgeable, but also hilariously witty. Listening to Brian and Jason is like having a beer with your nerdy best friends, except you don't have to clean up the mess afterwards. 5 stars and a standing ovation for these grumps, they've earned it!"

Good listening as we slide toward our inevitable doom

If you remember making web pages during the first internet bubble, then these are your people. Experience your inevitable physical decline with friends who are going through the same thing. If you are young, then use this podcast to find out about how in the future good eating and exercise habits become a matter of life and death. Also, there’s tech news sprinkled in from the jaded point of view of people who have seen it all before. My only criticism is the segment with Dave Bittner should be renamed from “Security Ha” to “Shooting the Breeze with Dave.” Regardless, it’s a segment I look forward to each week. I will continue to listen for as long as all continue to survive.

Top show…even all the way down in Australia

Been listening to this show for many years - it’s always great! During my 45 minute drive to work GOG is always something at the top of my play list. Keep things just the way they are :)

Weekly Medicine

I look forward to tuning in every week when the latest episode drops on Patreon. Jason's free spirit attitude and Brian's down to the earth focus pair up to form and extremely entertaining hour every week. Its Pinky and the Brain all grown up with a soap box speaking aloud the thoughts I have daily on the tech chaos of our time. Albeit I will state that Jason is much more intelligent than Pinky, but just as crazy non the less =-) The Grumpy old Geeks show is something I look forward to every week. Much appreciated guys, keep em coming!

Enjoyable banter

I was looking for an everyday podcast, one that I could throw on while driving to work or just walking around the store or what have you, came upon this podcast and I’m sincerely enjoying at, even after 18 episodes (we’ll see about 19 haha) all in all, it’s enjoyable and I would suggest it to other peeps, assuming they have a general geeky aloofness about them

Better than So-So Sex

None of us would turn down a hot night, but if that's not in the works give Grumpy Old Geeks a try. They'll give you great tech advice about bad investments, They'll give you good info on the latest tech gadgets, and steer you away from bad Star Trek.

Great show that discusses current tech news, some security (unless is something happening in the Star Wars universe), and a mixture of book and movie recommendations based on their personal experience. For those of us that have been around the block a few times, there are references to older technologies that highlight how far we have come from a capability aspect but we are still stuck with dealing with humans (damn, humans!). Keep up the good work.

Get Your Tech Fix, with a side of Brutal Black Humor

LOVE the podcast! Very South Park takes on the internet. The combination of brilliant insights and hilarious commentary make your show one of my absolute favorites.

Always learning, always grumpy

I’ve been enjoying GoG for quite a while now. They bring humor and insight to a variety of aspects of modern life, from data security and privacy to the bewildering variety of gadgets that impact our lives. And, despite their grumpiness, there is a real kindness to them and the way they respect the people and world around them. Not the snarky review rhymes ask for, but the five stars they deserve

Love these Grumpy Old Geeks

I don't like Star Wars, Star Trek, Sci-Fi novels but I do love this show. It is the one show that I check my downloads hourly for on release day. I have been in IT since the days of punched cards. These guys keep me up to date on the latest industry activity and a lot of stuff I never knew I wanted to know. Keep on grumping!

NFTs helped me write this review.

Sold all my album cover NFTs just so I could buy a new deep purple 1 TB IPhone 14 Pro Max so I could write this review in iTunes. As a 48 year old IT veteran and long time listener, Jason and Brian dish common sense like a comically burned out IT guy who has had about enough of your malarky. Here just take it away and get out of my office. And can’t forget the jewel of the show, Dave Bitner, a security expert and self confirmed furry who will make you lie awake at night and wonder if your stuff is secure. I secretly think Dave is an AI - how could he possibly have time to record all those other excellent podcasts?

A Blessing - NOT a Curse

I am a long time listener and also donor. I am a professional chaplain but before heading down this path I was in the tech industry for many years - and I am still a super user that everyone I know seems to think is a free IT support person. Thank you for the lovingly honest way you address your stroke and the amazing resources you provide. I have forwarded some of the links you continue to provide under the show notes. Finally, please use a pseudonym for that person who steals so much of the time on your show! Maybe, “Mr. My Way or No Way.” Or “Screaming Baby Always throwing Crap from his diapers” or “Earth’s #1 Bully.” Well, you get the picture. Keep up the grumping. I know this is not what you normally hear - but your show leaves me spiritually full each and every week. Great geeking advice and great connections with each other and us, your listeners.


Love the podcast it’s the only one listen to on release day, it keeps me entertained while driving around fixing customers broadband issues here in good old Blighty. When Jason reviews on media candy I can’t help but think of the comic guy from the Simpsons (Worst ending everrrrr!) keep it going gents. Stay grumpy!

They keep the podcast real

I held off writing this review for over a year as I had not fully made up my mind. However, time and time again I find myself listing to this show first before my other shows. What I like is this is not a polished and refined podcast, but instead a low key conversation between friends about tech and sometimes politics. While I do not always agree with their opinions, view, or taste, I find that they keep the podcast light, whimsical, and informative. They are defiantly worth a listen.

I look forward to Fridays now thanks 2 these 2 GRUMPY FUCKTARDS!!!

Jason is a Stoned laid back Cali Dude who's quite funny along with Brian the Smug Dueshy Canukie CUNT Obviously the biggest twat waffle of them both! They tell great computer stories as well as report tech news and make good references to computer history as well with each host bouncing off of one another's humor & ideas all along at the same time doing it. What makes the show "GEEKY" but in my opinion QUITE LAME is the SCI-FI movie and show references discussed throughout the program. However I must add I'm not a fan of SCI-FI. If they took all the Sci-Fi stuff out I'd definitely give it a RAVING 6 star review!!! Although I do realize I "MUSK" (ELON) take the good with the bad. The show is very informative & I learn something new each and every week I tune in. GREAT SHOW YOU GUYS!!!!!

So grumpy the are inspiring me to start my own podcast

Been listening for a while, easy to listen to and I often agree with their views but always interested to listen to what they have to say.

Best tech podcast

This is a very enjoyable podcast that keeps me informed on the latest trends in technology. I really like the cybersecurity discussions. Stay grumpy! Jeff W

Love the show!

I’m excited to start season four of Westworld after your review. Chuck Palahniuk over Stephen King? Blasphemy. 😉 ‘Would you rather’ see Happy Meals replace toys with NFTs or 9V batteries?

Good Use of an AirTag

In your last podcast, you mentioned good uses of an AirTag. Last week I rode in RAGBRAI, which is a 7-day bicycle tour across the state of Iowa. It's essentially week-long cycling, camping, and LOTS of drinking festival with 25,000 of other crazy cyclists. One of the biggest challenges after riding 50 to 80 miles a day is finding your campsite where our support crew is located who trucks our camping gear and luggage between towns. This past RAGBRAI, I stashed an AirTag in my luggage, and once I was in town, I used Maps to navigate to exactly where my bag was. I'd say it was pretty convenient! on a side note: Jason, you're an inspiration with your recovery from your stroke and how you've improved your health. Keep up the good work!


Always look forward to a notifications that a new GOG has been released. When I haven’t played it in a while, my partner will ask “… I haven’t heard you listen to them for a while is everyone okay?”. I look forward to these. 💕💕💕

This is the BEST Podcast!!

This is a highlight of my Fridays, or Saturdays when I save them for a dull weekend. These guys are frank, insightful, and incredibly knowledgeable! They keep the topics moving and post links on episode notes so even if it’s hard to figure out spelling, etc., it’s easy to find stuff. I’ve learned a LOT about current equipment, new tech developments, and sometimes current BS (looking at you, Crypto). THANK YOU, Jason, Brian and Dave! I’ve listened for years and need to tell you how much I appreciate all your work.

Best Tech Around

Opinionated, experienced,, witty, smart with a few habaneros thrown in. Definitely NOT the usual”rewrite of press releases”from FAANG( (MAANG?). Dave Bittner is great added voice, the Force is Strong within him. Seriously,. Good show notes,, mentions of articles, apps, sites, sources, people to check out. Best of the best.

Episode553 hospice

Love the show and appreciate media reviews which I find really helpful. Wanted to thank those on the show reporting on their hospice experience. I have been a hospice doc for 20 years and work with incredible people. Thanks for the positive comments Regular Patreon contributor.

Episode553 hospice

Love the show and appreciate media reviews which I find really helpful. Wanted to thank those on the show reporting on their hospice experience. I have been a hospice doc for 20 years and work with incredible people. Thanks for the positive comments Regular Patreon contributor.