Great show

Been listening for a while and look foreword to hearing their opinions on things happening in the in the tech wold. I don’t always agree but it is an interesting take.

Elon Musk's favorite podcast

Best part of my commute

Long time listener first time reviewer. I’ve been listening to these two grumps for a little over a year after hearing about them on the Cyber Wire and it’s almost scary how right they are. Every Wednesday I look forward to my commute home since I can generally listen to the entirety of the episode uninterrupted. The security segment with Dave is always entertaining and finding out about Dave’s “furry” tendencies justified him being my spirit animal. Keep it up grumps, you’re keeping me sane through this pandemic. Raphael

I love these guys. It's a grumpy slice of life every Wednesday to break up a day of me trying to explain science to people with varying levels of success and frustration. They throw in a bit of everything - geeky books, geeky TV shows, geeky news, geeky security (or maybe just security?), geeky shout outs and geeky apps and doodads, all mixed in with a bit of grumpiness. What I like is that the guys also bring their vast life and work experience into the mix too, making it a lot more personable and relatable than other podcasts. This leads to great parenting tips, stories of obsessive quests to find out if postal workers are jamming wifi and a look into the seldom revealed world or furries and storm troopers. These grumps may have opinions that you do not agree with. This has put some people off, but not me. After all, I have interacted with a few human beings during my life and I have not found a single one that I agree with about everything. Some people complain that they talk about politics, but come on, who DIDN'T talk about politics in 2020 (apart from Donald Trump - he was too busy rage tweeting at 3am whilst taking a dump*). So give this podcast a go and delve into the world of grumpy old geeks. Stay grumpy! *I'm not sure he wasn't taking a dump every time he rage tweeted. Just some times. Do not listen to this show if you are after erotica. I don't find any of the subject matter erotic. But maybe, I just don't know enough about tech.

I began listening to these guys because of Jason’s connection to The Jordan Harbinger Show, and because his advice helped me secure my email account from constant hacking. If you’ve ever complained about Facebook, have strong opinions on Star Trek and Star Wars or are a fan of technology, then this is a podcast for you. They're informative, funny and always an enjoyable listen.

Truly grumpy, sometimes concerning

They truly are grumpy, and that’s a good thing. The topics they cover on the show are always entertaining and thoughtful. Please also keep the Star Wars segment going with Dave. Four stars until Brian explains why he hates Hot Chip — I’ve listened to the show for years and I still don’t know why — it’s concerning. I really appreciate the content. Thank you! Fine, here’s your star back. I don’t even like hot chip that much, and I’m too lazy to find the episode. If they break up, it’s on you two! I still love the show though ❤️


Freaking love you guys!! I just found the show at the end of 2020, crazy year. I’m part of the GOG family now. Keep up the good work thank you! Best Pod ever! Love BITcoin, hahahahaha.

Truly grumpy, sometimes concerning

They truly are grumpy, and that’s a good thing. The topics they cover on the show are always entertaining and thoughtful. Please also keep the Star Wars segment going with Dave. Four stars until Brian explains why he hates Hot Chip — I’ve listened to the show for years and I still don’t know why — it’s concerning. I really appreciate the content. Thank you!

Extremely entertaining and informative podcast

These guys are like my grandpa if he was technology literate. They are informative and give you their opinions without any sugar coating. Extremely entertaining and the best podcast I have been put on to in years!

What a great show

I have been listening for the past 2 years and I love it. There is something for everyone. They bring great news and they discuss. The audio quality and production value is outstanding!!! I do not know how anybody can give less than a 5 star review!

Perfect. (Almost)

Ticks all the boxes. Disgust, right on point. Sarcasm, not nearly enough. (Yeah right!) Politics, piss off if your views don’t match my own! Tech, enough to keep the title. Security news is the most helpful, especially when giving macOS upgrade advice. Right, Dave? Thankfully, these dummies match by innate bias, which is all that’s important in news these days, amirite?!?

My favorite podcast

Thanks Grumps!

Look forward to it every week!

Need someone to bash every tech idea that's out there? This is the show for you - negativity at its best (:

A few last f*cks to give

Yeah, f*ck you guys. F*ck you guys. F*ck both of you. F*ck both of you. F*ck you Jason and f*ck you Brian. F*ck you both. F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you. I don’t like to curse, you know I generally don’t, it’s generally somethingI don’t want to do. Let me just say, without reservation: f*ck you guys. Both of you. F*ck you guys.

The Podcast we need, not the one we deserve

Need a reminder that it’s the world that is insane, not you? Join these soothsayers as they weekly (in ‘Precedented times’ more frequently) highlight tech and security news interspersed with the right amount of media news and nostalgia. The banter, rants, and news make this a Podcast that’s well worth your time. My only gripe is that they often present arguments/insights that force you into action (hence why I am writing this on my first Apple product).

Everything I want from a podcast

Funny, nerdy, well-produced, opiniony. I look forward to this podcast every week.

Excellent perspective

The PI 400+just shows everything goes full circle. Remember the commodore Vic 20, 64 and Amiga 500? A keyboard with all computing built into it. When are we going to see the return of the 5 1/4” floppy? Just sayin.



An eclectic collection of tech, sci-fi, and life

Jason and Brian offer opinions on everything from sci-fi fiction, movies and TV, life in Southern California, and how the tech industry has gone to hell in a wicker basket. If that doesn't catch your attention enough, listen to how Jason is constantly digging himself out of a finanacial hole or pull a foot out of an early grave. For spice, Dave Bittner will jump in to sing a few lines from the Music Man or discuss his furry adiction along with the day's security topics. Sounds weird? Oh, yeah.

Don’t die Jason

I’ve been a listener to pretty much every episode for a couple years now and really enjoy the show.. I’m sad to hear that they are only doing one episode per week now (I understand though) and am pulling for Jason to stay alive.. come on man!!!! Also I love when Dave comes on the show to talk about security (same also when Dave’s coworker filled in for him.. y’all should have both of them on more often if possible :) .. anyways keep it up y’all and STAY ALIVE JASON!!!

Funny, irreverent, informative

This is one of the two or three podcasts that I always make time to listen to every week. Even during the pandemic! Despite no longer having the commute + walking that was my dedicated podcast time! The two cohosts of the show do not suffer fools gladly. Their down-to-earth reviews of tech, tech leaders and the horrible economics of startups are always fair, honest and relevant; and frankly funny. Even when they’re castigating some wannabe tech titan. Occasionally some politics creep in - but real world politics do affect tech and in my opinion it’s an appropriate amount. Regular contributor Dave Bittner (CyberWire and many other awesome infosec-related podcasts) contributes the great “Security Ha!” segment. I also enjoy hearing from their occasional guests eg Seth from famous NYC photo/video/audio store Adorama. I always feel more informed about tech news, tech in general, and even if I disagree with their opinions it’s still an awesome show.

Most Entertaining Tech Podcast

Have been listening for years. These two bring a much needed sense of reality to tech news and life in general. I look forward to the shows every week. Keep up the excellent work!

Keep on keeping on

Oddly enough I discovered y’all whilst in jail and I’m now hooked! Love you guys real ness!

Calling the industry out on its crap while giving credit where credit is due

A comprehensive and critical take on the technology industry presented with much-needed grump humor, because if you can’t laugh at some of the crap going on these days, you’ll just go mad. It’s not all negativity, though. They definitely give credit where it’s due. I just wish it was due more often! I have one request that would make this perfect for me: with COVID, my routine is shot (like many) and I end up marathoning to catch up on GOG when I can. And I would love it if someone said the day and date of recording in the intro to give context. Keep on grumpin’

You’ve gotta fight for your right to be grumpy!

Just started listening to you guys this year, and I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to find this podcast. I love the insights and recommendations, and the fact that you two, while similar in many ways, disagree on many things, too. Thanks for all you do; looking forward to becoming a Patreon supporter soon!

Great show

I am a HVAC mechanic and work by myself so podcasts and audible are how I get through my day. Even though I am not a tech person I enjoy the show. I get great reading and media tips, plus it’s fun. Can’t wait to hear about Brian’s love for scooters.

Great grumpiness!

Love these guys. Love the banter between them. I always put them at the top of the list when the show arrives. Security Ha is one of my favs as is the library. I have gotten some great suggestions and I even tried some they stated weren't good (and they were right!) Dave Bitner is a great addition to Security Ha. Just got back from vacation 😢 and had 5 episodes to listen to. Score! Keep on grumping!


One of my favorite shows. A lot of great info; and you’ll find yourself talking back to the speaker 🔊 in agreement or disagreement. —not that they can hear you. Luls 🤪

Still great

Fun fun fun! Jason & Brian deserve a major talk show!

Great Great Podcast

I stumbled upon GOG about 7 months ago and their new episodes quickly became my most anticipated They offer a great discussion about how tech is invading our lives, but do so in a fun and light-hearted manner. Once things stabilize I will be throwing my money at these guys, because they really work hard to deliver for their listeners, and deserve way more than they are getting. Great podcast, and always worth your time!