Long live chillmeister!

For the longest time I thought his name was Brian Chillmeister! So awesome, my mind will never stop hearing it that way. Started listening a few years ago when Jason low-key plugged it on another podcast it. Been hooked ever since! Im class of 2000: too young for web 1.0 too old for web 2.0 and Im super grumpy about that! I missed the boat on both! This podcast keeps me chuckling about that fact. Listening from an undisclosed location in the outer rim of Silicon Valley. Thank you! Long live CHILLMEISTER!

Tech Never Felt So... Grumpy?

I look forward to every episode! Jason, ever tried a Florida Woman?

Fun ride

Every podcast is informative and fun to listen to while I take a break from griping and moaning about the world.

Tech w/ Snark!

Tech tech snarky tech. I’ve been listening to and recommending this pod for years. GOG’s healthy skepticism of Big Tech and refusal to drink the cool-aid keeps them ahead of the curve again & again. Love to hear their thoughts on possible Quarantimes Pt. 2 in the fall. Are there new strategies to employ and essentials to gather? Move to family or friends before a 2nd mass lockdown?

Best Tech Podcast with Grumpy Humor

Been listening to these guys since 2016 and I’ve enjoyed almost every episode! Jason and Brian are reason I feel like I have somewhat of a decent knowledge of whats going on in the tech world. Especially when they discuss the news with their banter and grumpy humor. I’m in my mid-twenties and its somewhat enlightening to listen in on their grumpy wisdom on tech. Thanks for helping me be informed and for all the tech tips. Keep up the good work and.... Deliveroo

Too good to be true

How to perfect a podcast. Listen to the pod heads of pod heads.

They’re grrrrrrrrrrrrrrumpy

I’m grumpy, I’m old, I’m a geek, and I’m in good company. I look forward to each new show that pops up in my feed. Since I often work alone I enjoy listening to you guys “talk shop”. Keep up the good work and stay grumpy!

Huge fan

Excellent tech info with a twist! Love it


Made me stop listening to all other podcasts. Now I am so addicted I had to restart on Spotify and I’m on #40. I listen to you guys when I drive a van for amazon. Every days extreme workload makes me feel like I work for Walmart, but you two somehow manage to make my day. I also run a WISP with two of my brothers 100 miles from our homes, and I love the technology aspect of your show. You should talk about QAM. Microwave frequencies are an unsung hero today. Keep up the good work and I’d love to hear from some more guests.

Wow what a great podcast!

This is the best podcast ever. They provide so much fresh incitement to the tech world, side tangents and other interesting topics. They are my go-to podcasts. 5 stars! Would recommend do everyone. PS , podcasts app is.. eh. Can’t “lookup” in the copy/paste select menu. 12.4.5 iPad mini and iPhone 8plus 13.3.1



One Of My Go-To Feeds In The Morning

I only discovered this great podcast a year ago and it quickly became one of two default podcasts to start my morning (the other being Never Not Funny). It's concise, funny, and informative. I'm a bit older but i still share most of their cultural references (except recent music which i lost track of around 1990). I've been using computers since the timeshare teletypes in my high school math office using yellow punch tape to save programs running the Moon Lander and Star Trek games in the mid-70's. After suffering with all sorts of OSs (especially WinDoze) i finally got my own Mac 15 years ago. Thanks to Jason and Brian for all the laughs and entertainment. P.S. even though i'm writing this on iTunes, I listen via the best podacast app in the world - Overcast (i've tried them all) and star every one i can. LL&P.

Proof I’m not alone

I may not agree with some of the political opinions of the hosts, but I can agree with most everything else. This is by far my favorite podcast and has been a highlight of my week during some really rough times. The balance of news, commentary, tech and occasional politics (tech related) is amazing. A true class act and a true pleasure. Thank you gents.

Team Grumpy

Papa Bittner pointed me to GOG a few years ago and now I am a full member of team grumpy. Thank you and keep up the great podcast.

Best grumpy tech podcast ever

These guys are great. They don’t just grump about tech, they grump about everything. As a 66 year old, I can dig that. I listen at work, where I grump about everything, too. Grumpiness is wonderful. Even the ads are great, though no one cares if I manscape or let nature run wild.

Episode 1 Lolz

“Can’t believe all Apple is making is a watch” , of course “oil will always be oil” thus Exxon having a higher market cap than Apple, where’s your Google Glass, Bryan ? Have only been listening since 2018 but dug out the original fossil. You guys have been killing it for years and please keep going. Stay grumpy

Great show! Also testing slack integration!

Testing to help out the podcast see if they get the slack notification! Also: These guys are fortune tellers! They humorously illustrate how over optimism in tech can be dangerous or just plain entertaining. It's good to get a cautionary take on tech, security, and pop culture. Keep on grumpin’!

Favorite tech show, hands down. Hosts are extremely responsive to feedback and (more importantly) knowledgeable about the field. My favorite episodes are the Saturday shows, especially the Security Hah and Apps & Doodads segments though I do listen to every ep that comes out as soon as I possibly can. Stay grumpy ? ❤️

The only tech podcast worth listening to

I love Manscaped! When you get too furry, clean it up in a hurry. Also, Jason and Brian are pretty cool too. Just give it a listen already!

Hours of entertainment

Started listening to this show cause it sounded interesting and made the half mistake of listening at the beginning. While audio quality was bad, kinda fun to hear how bad the all iot companies were “great”. Can say the newer episodes are a lot better and I do agree with a lot of what they say, even though I’m one of the millennials they harp on (though I am an anomaly as my one social media account is Facebook that I never post on). Would heavily recommend to all non-snowflakes. Stay Grumpy

Grumpy OG’s

The best podcast whose site ends with .show - now at less than half the cost of the closest competitor! Features include: - grumpy - ragging on e-scooter morons - ragging on C-suite morons - debating what makes a technology company - advice on grooming your nads - furries - shout outs for funny reviews

Perfect tech show for the new and old

I started listening to this show a couple of months ago and have been working my way through the backlog of old episodes. Even though I am new to the tech field and almost 20 years younger than Jason and Brian, I still relate so much to many of their themes and thoughts. I spend a lot of time in the car listening to their shows, and honestly feel that their insights have helped me immerse myself into the world of tech in ways I never quite have before. Their reporting of news, while moderately opinionated, never seems to tell you how to feel about it and instead gives you their thoughts as people that have “been there, done that.” I also thoroughly enjoy their media suggestions such as books and tv shows, and have found myself keeping a list of things to check out after particularly passionate episodes, such as the books “Deamon” and “Freedom” by Daniel Suarez. Keep up the good work and as always, stay grumpy.

Grumpy, Furry and Geekier than You Can Imagine

The header says it all. Listen to this podcast or the Fur Mafia will find you :-)

Best tech podcast

This is a very enjoyable podcast that keeps me informed on the latest trends in technology. I really like the cybersecurity discussions. Stay grumpy! Jeff W

Best Tech podcast Gen X Available

Fun and easy lo learn, even easier way to get up to date about the Tech news

Great Tech podcast

I don’t consider myself old but I do find myself completely identifying with these 2 geeks. Great podcast to keep up with what is going on in tech. I have a 3 year old “turdler” at home and have found myself sharing many of the same frustrations and concerns with Brian when it comes to kids and tech. PS, the manscaping ads make me giggle every time I hear them. Edit to add: I love how links to everything you talk about are included in the show notes.

My favorite podcast by far. Top-notch audio quality, great chemistry with the hosts and solid content on a reliable schedule.

A tech podcast so good

I downloaded the Apple Podcast app just to give them a 5 star review!

Authentic, raw, tech (social impact & security), sci-fi and pop culture driven and most of all GRUMPY! I love this show!

Something To Look Forward To

Housework is not the most invigorating task especially when you've done it for decades. However, it's a perfect time to put on a podcast and scrub away. This podcast covers a lot of topics while still giving one a good peek under the sheets. There are issues covered that I would never have come across in my everyday life. Information is not doled out in a dry manner but with humor and sarcasm. I walk away with pointers that make me wiser about my tech purchases, help me improve many aspects of security, keep me in the know of books/cinema/TV and much, much more. They do tend though to giggle A LOT between each other. One does have to wonder if they are simply that joyful or if there are substances involved 🤔 Anyway, kudos to the format, the quality and the overall tone they bring to the podcast. I simply can't manage to do my household chores without them.