Grumpy Old Geeks

A Blessing - NOT a Curse

I am a long time listener and also donor. I am a professional chaplain but before heading down this path I was in the tech industry for many years - and I am still a super user that everyone I know seems to think is a free IT support person.

Thank you for the lovingly honest way you address your stroke and the amazing resources you provide. I have forwarded some of the links you continue to provide under the show notes.

Finally, please use a pseudonym for that person who steals so much of the time on your show! Maybe, “Mr. My Way or No Way.” Or “Screaming Baby Always throwing Crap from his diapers” or “Earth’s #1 Bully.” Well, you get the picture.

Keep up the grumping. I know this is not what you normally hear - but your show leaves me spiritually full each and every week. Great geeking advice and great connections with each other and us, your listeners.

Aug. 29, 2022 by Chaplain Stephen on This Website

Grumpy Old Geeks