Grumpy Old Geeks

Grumpy Old Geeks

Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of professional website building experience between them. Every week they discuss what went wrong on the Internet and who's to blame.

"Sporting a nice balance of serious sensibilities, sarcastic cynicism, and downright funny moments, it’s a good case study of the realities of the online experience. " ~ Fast Company

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Recent Episodes

587: Our Inevitable Doom

Feb. 4, 2023

100% Efficiency; PayPal layoffs; Microsoft & ChatGPT Plus; Spotify increases premium subscribers, loses more money; Tesla bitcoin loss; pushback against self-driving cars; Amazon shutting down grocery stores; Meta paid for d…

586: GOGPT

Jan. 28, 2023

ChatGPT is everywhere: destroyer of worlds, or modern convenient pocket calculator; Section 230 ruling coming; gravity batteries & Tesla factories; Spotify, Vox Media layoffs; TikTok, Twitter gaming their systems; Justice De…

585: Certified Human

Jan. 22, 2023

Student creates app to spot AI essays; Alphabet cuts 6% of workforce; Twitter ends 3rd-party developer access; Musk faces big bill; Tesla engineer testifies video was faked; Amazon hates charity, CNET lied about AI; artists …

584: AI-Powered Unemployment

Jan. 15, 2023

Adobe Podcasts taking jobs; The end of grunt work; Prompt writers and fact checkers; Mansplaining as a Service; Masters of Melancholy; The death of film; ChatGPT for malware and phishing; Cheap cops expose suspects data; The…

583: Neurodivergent Fool

Jan. 8, 2023

2023, here we go; more talk, less social media - except for sharing reels; Twitter scrolling but no interactions; Elon Musk turns squatter; fines for Meta, Coinbase, Apple & Grubhub; Tesla violating employment law, but deliv…

582: Kind Of

Dec. 17, 2022

We briefly focus on some hopeful technology breakthrough news, before returning to our bread & butter; we have achieved fusion, kind of; wind from another planet; AI revolution, Kurzweil & baby steps; Dramatron; social media…