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Good Use of an AirTag

In your last podcast, you mentioned good uses of an AirTag. Last week I rode in RAGBRAI, which is a 7-day bicycle tour across the state of Iowa. It's essentially week-long cycling, camping, and LOTS of drinking festival with 25,000 of other crazy cyclists. One of the biggest challenges after riding 50 to 80 miles a day is finding your campsite where our support crew is located who trucks our camping gear and luggage between towns. This past RAGBRAI, I stashed an AirTag in my luggage, and once I was in town, I used Maps to navigate to exactly where my bag was. I'd say it was pretty convenient!

on a side note: Jason, you're an inspiration with your recovery from your stroke and how you've improved your health. Keep up the good work!

Aug. 2, 2022 by Matt Nece on This Website

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