Entertaining and useless!

I love listening to this show but I don't know why. I get no practical or usefull information out of it but it is just straight up entertaining. I used to not like it when they would trash Trump or get political but now I just have to remind myself that these are the people who think democracy is at stake when they see a guy in a buffalo hat and I really don't care if someone disagrees with me politically so keep up the great work and I can't wait for next week's grumpyness. Cheers!

Great Show!

Jason and Brian are worth at most 2 1/2 stars each but that adds up to 5 stars so there you go!

Great grumpiness!

Love these guys. Love the banter between them. I always put them at the top of the list when the show arrives. Security Ha is one of my favs as is the library. I have gotten some great suggestions and I even tried some they stated weren't good (and they were right!) Dave Bitner is a great addition to Security Ha. Just got back from vacation 😢 and had 5 episodes to listen to. Score! Keep on grumping!

Great stuff

I wish I’d found this podcast sooner. The guys are great. The episodes are very educational & informative! Keep up the great work! “Insert Snarky Comment”

Great Tech Show w/ Syfy Sprinkled In

Jason and Brian are amazing hosts delivering great tech content. I especially love Jason‘s detail to the quality of the podcast that they produce as there are many podcasts out there that sound like crap. They are informed and do their research and don’t fly by the seat of their pants for the most part. My favorite part is the Syfy sorry no wait security section with Dave. You guys make me laugh every week. Keep up the good work.

Why not

Just as you take a trip to my homecountry for "free" moves and/or tv-shows I listen to your pod adfree in the same country. To Brian, Good for you that you embraced the culture of Canada To Jason: I wish you a great recovery and good luck with the new show on the tube, I am going to watch it for free and with no ads :) (And yes I will add to the tip yar someday, not today, but someday)

Just take my moneys you filthy animal!

This podcast cures my itch of the weekly grumps - after each episode I can always say to myself -- Man still have something to look forward to in a few years when i can scream "get off my interweb you tick-snap-grammer"

Team Grumpy

Jedi Bittner pointed me to Sith GOG show a few years ago and now I am a full member of team grumpy. Thank you for the superb podcast in every respect. The Internet will be better soon! Not.

5 star show!

This is a 5 star show. Gave it 4 stars just to annoy Jason.

Entertaining way to kill an hour

They hate everything about the internet but there isn’t much to be hopeful for so can you blame em?

It Was Time To Show My Appreciation Again

It's been 2 years now that Grumpy Old Geeks has been my go to for making housework less of a chore. It was sad when you guys went to once a week although understandable. Cleaning days are twice a week and you had me covered. It was a hard decision wether to listen to you while cleaning upstairs or wait till later in the week when I did the downstairs. However, the upstairs won as I was less likely to be bothered by my child husband. I always learn something new, often something bizarre, sometimes discover something to add to my shopping list and am thoroughly entertained by the banter between the two of you. The inclusion of Dave B., for security segments (mostly 😉) is truly a delightful experience after one manages to get over all the unnerving information. It's a bit like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde performance. One never knows where those conversations might go. Grumpy Old Geeks is honest, insightful, irreverent and revealing ... it's something to look forward to once a week. Thanks!

Grumpy, informative, professional… ha!

I love this podcast! I find the balance of Jason and Brian to be reminiscent of my relationship with my own best friend and it’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in my grumpiness. If I had a shot of whiskey for every time Jason says “exactly” it Brian says “mmhmm” I’d be dead always. I love the show, I enjoy the insight and appreciate the quality in production! Thanks for many great years of listening. Sorry it took so long to write this review, perhaps like self driving cars I moved the posts a few times.

Always a great and informative show.

Y’all wanted to make sure it works well here it is.

Older and grumpier

Sage advice from two travelers still on the digital journey. Listen and learn. Too bad they are old enough to remember programming in Fortran and GRID laptops that had a total memory of 362K.

Wow you guys are dorks

If the internet had a porch, you two would be sitting in your rocking chairs complaining about the metaverse while the rest of us are enjoying our blind bliss. You son of a bitch, I'm in!

Amazing show!

I listen a full episode every day commuting. No matter if the episode is from last year, all the shit happening on the Internet still funny. Stay grumpy!

Great show

Wish I found it sooner. This show is my podcast of choice on my commute day every week.

5 stars

5 stars for c&$ty mc c&$ty a lot

Friggin’ Sweeet

This show is great. Strike that, it is fuuu .. uuu .. uuu .. uuucking great. It is as advertised, and always entertains. Grumpa-lumpa everyone!

Why are peoples feelings so hurt

Great show as long as you have a sense of humor and don’t live in your mothers basement. Jason and Brian not only take trips down memory lane but also stay current on actual useful information in tech. I constantly look forward to my Wednesday drive. And to the one star hero’s out there…. No…. One… cares…about…. Your… reviews.

Hey You Kids Get Off Our Tech Lawn!

Description for this Podcast Tin GoG is not powered by AI nor ML and is certainly not a Crypto Wank fest—it is just a solidly snarky time from two older Tech Guys who both totally swear by, no scratch that, swear about the Blue Yeti microphone! GoG is like The Kominski Method and Silicon Valley meet up with their security friend Dave at a Furries Convention. If you prefer a more literal description GoG is a podcast with two older techies talking smack, razzing each other, and in between all that dropping in some spot on analysis of the commonly too hypocritical tech space.

Best Tech Podcast

Brian and Jason (and Dave) always deliver great content, and make sure not to take themselves too seriously. Each episode is informative, but also there’s lots of laughing along the way. I always look forward to my Wednesday commute to work listening to the latest episode.

Always great, never boring

This is one of the top podcasts that I listen to. Jason and Brian (and Dave) always bring the energy and always give me a reason to laugh.

My must have on wednesdays

Entertaining, informative, helped me through 2020, me not being a tech-girl I learned a lot and had as much fun. Thanks guys and keep going

Not nearly grumpy enough

Look, I’ve actually met both of you. Snark is in our blood, but somehow I managed to escape LA (Santa Monica) back in 97 and my cynicism grew while yours only seems to have festered. Brian’s leaving for another county (like I did) give me great hope that he might develop a level of callousness this show should definitely have. Not to mention any names here, but certain other co-hosts could learn something and flee the lunatic asylum after all these years and see that there is indeed no reason to hold back anymore. Seriously, you guys are and have been great. Brian you shouldn’t have a problem wiring in once your settled in Canada; it’s not like broadband isn’t better outside the United States (it generally is) and Dave manages to do it even during cicada season. Keep up the good work. P.s. I do miss running into you fools. (Now you really will wonder who wrote the review…) -W who left for Scandinavia, but was too stupid so came back to the US in time for President Orange Stain.

Looking forward to the show every week

I love the take the grumps have on news & tech every week. I always queue it up at the top for my Wednesday morning commute.

Great Podcast

Do you enjoy the two old guys from the muppets, that sit up in the balcony and heckle the stage? Boy! Do these guys have a show for you! They sit upon their podcast balcony heckling the tech world with an unfiltered wit. My favorite is the security portion with Dave. Dave, an unapologetic fury, brings industry insider knowledge on security going on in the digital world. Last weeks remix of “Dave - I’m Very Grumpy” had me laughing out loud in my car during my morning commute! Keep up the great work guys and stay grumpy!


Had to download this app to leave a review.

I started listening to these guys 2 years ago and I look forward to each new episode. Do you love Google Chrome? So do they, a lot.. probably sponsored by Google. Are you a fan of Elon Musk? Not a big a fan as these two. Want to hear all the good news about crypto? Well, these are your guys! Do you own a Ring camera? Tune in so you can listen to people who own multiple Rings. My only issue with them is that they are sponsored by Blue Yeti Microphone, even though it is obviously the best microphone ever and they use it ALL the time it’s just a little too weird how much they love that microphone. All in all an entertaining podcast by two dudes that wish they could join Clubhouse and dream about owning NFTs.

Exactly the Right Amount of Snarky

Confession time: I've been starring each episodes in Overcast from the start... But that's not enough - I want to live in a world where artists and journalists are able to make a living from their patrons - I have no excuse for not signing up for monthly donations before today - I added a couple extra bucks as pennance. Seriously though, G.O.G. is the best tech-news podcast out there. Keep up the good work. PS: thank you for ignoring the idjits telling you to stop talking about politics - democracy requires participation, and that means sometimes we have to talk about stuff.