One of the best Podcasts

Love you guys! I enjoy listening to all this content weekly ♥️♥️♥️

Many try, GOG succeeds.

Many podcasts try to provide a good weekly tech review, but they lack the substance of GOG.

Cynicism at its best

The grumpy geeks Jason and Brian, and security expert Dave (papa roach) Bittner, continue to impress week after week, with entertaining insight into the tech and entertainment industries, as well as why our world is going to hell in a hand basket. It’s a must-listen!

The dark place you love to go too

I was looking for an informative tech show other than the verge, which I really like. But when I found g o g I fell in love. Keep up the great work guys

Not just for geeks - this is some serious entertainment!

Whether or not you were an elite member of Brian's BBS back in the day, you will certainly enjoy these two characters and their weekly entertainment. The Upbeat Bittner Segment is especially enjoyable.

Best Podcast EVER!

I love this podcast and can not wait to get my weekly GOG show. I’ve listened for over a year and got very scared when you guys said something about not doing the show anymore on this weeks episode . PLEASE don’t ever go away. Although I work for Geek Squad, who I know you hate, it’s still helps me get through my work day to be able to listen to your show. Great tech news with the grumpy attitude I think everyone in tech feels but cannot articulate as well as you two. Keep up the great show!

Snarky, Informative and sometimes hilarious

Snarky, Informative and sometimes hilarious about the comings and goings of events and tech by some grumpy old geeks.

You guys are great!!

I love this show! You guys are funny and informed. I look forward to Mondays. Keep doing what you’re doing👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Great show

I've been listening to the show since episode one and it's still going strong. Don’t let the numbers startle you guys, keep the good work.

Good for 2 youngsters on the internet

I was hoping to hear about the great days of technology when my Commodore 64 was the King of the Castle and my 33.6 modem was the Lord of the Manor. But what I got is a very "Artifical Intelligent" discussion of the technology of the week. Thankfully that is broken up by the resident security expert that spends more time explaining the exploits of the week and NEVER ever explaining the proper lock to put on my floppy disk box. Hopefully as they get a little older they will remember the good old days of punch cards.

Love the show-

Started listening a month or so ago, and was hooked. Decided on going back to old episodes (around 100ish and listening to a few a day while driving around at work) I’m now at episode 177

Ex perl coders try, unsuccessfully, to explain tech...

At least they're entertaining and likable. They seem to have a love hate relationship and it's fun to listen to the subtle jabs and counter punches. Jason buys the latest tech gear like its crack and he's got a bad habit. Brian contributes by making snarky comments about whatever he found in a last minute google search and put in the show notes and he dings Jason about his compulsive tech gear purchasing. And there's a lame security guy who has a segment about we shouldn't use passwords like "password". I highly recommend this podcast.

From Japan to America

I can only hope to be as godlike as these two as I grow older in midst of AI taking over our world. Not to fear, I fully understand the difference between ML and AI haha! I listen to the cyberwire as well and love the "Security, Ha!" segment. You guys let the Bitwise Bittner let loose. Love the podcast. Anyone into tech with an understanding of how sh***y the industry is, needs to listen to these two. *recommended recipe: listen to TWIT for a pick me up, listen to the Vergecast for some laughs, get your seriousness on with the cyberwire, then GOG for a reality check. Best podcast by far!

YES!! A good podcast

I have only heard a few episodes, but this is great! Good mix of news, tips, tricks, snark :-) Thank you for making an awesome podcast!


you guys are crazy and i love listening to you. keep up the great work. i have learned a alot thanks Thomas

Straightforward and evil

Gents, you're straightforward like Russians with all your - 'go **** yourself' comments for the ones that deserve it. Thanks for the podcast - educational and entertaining! Btw I listen to old episodes while waiting for new ones and Jason sounded way more cheerful before 2017!

Interesting podcast

I pretty much disagree with them on almost all technology topics that get brought up (VR, etc), BUT they are hilarious to listen to and have led me to some cool products I wasn't aware of. Can't argue with good information.

Y'all are awesome!

So I came back to the apple universe and got an iPhone after I broke the S7 active. When I searched for grumpy cat on google with my iPhone, your podcast was a search result. (Don't ask me how or why but it was) So I downloaded it and started listening. Since then, I look forward to each new episode. To all the fragile little snowflakes that give y'all 1 star, if you don't like what they say just listen to another podcast and unsubscribe. If you decide not to take that advice, take this next one. Get some thicker skin, grow a pair and drive on! Keep up the good works guys!

You guys are great!

I love listening to you guys. Started listening back in January when many of us were questioning much of reality and how we got to where we are. Luckily, I stumbled upon Grumpy Old Geeks and couldn't get enough. I've learned so much while listening to this podcast and I haven’t missed in episode since I started listening. I thoroughly enjoy the many segments on the show. The only thing I would change would be the length. I know you guys love talking but sometimes I wish you guys would limit yourselves to an hour. Not because I get bored of listening to you guys, it's mainly because I never have a full 2 free hours to just sit there and listen. I feel like you guys would be better off recording two 1 hour shows a week rather than the one 2 hour show you guys do now. This will allow for more current updates on things happening and it will allow you guys to talk about everything you want without the episode feeling dragged out. Hope you guys take the time to read this and take the idea into consideration. If not, oh well, I'm just a snot nosed millennial right? Keep doing a great job guys and when I'm done with graduate school I promise to donate to Patreon.

Great podcast

I'm an enjoying your podcast and have recommended to several friends.

information packed and funny

came across GOG via AOC and love it just as much! being a GOG myself the show rings close to life and i like the added humor. i also love how diligent the podcast notes are. each week i learn something new!

My inner dialogue, in podcast form

Love the snark! These guys are the voice of every workforced nerd, in the best of ways. May all the snowflakes melt in hell!

Awesome show

This show is informative and hilarious! I have received so much valuable tech information by listening. Keep up the great work grumps!

Straight Fire

Really starting to love this podcast as it gives insight to the world of technology and news involved with it. Keep up the great work and hopefully I'll get to me you July 1st.

Late to the party

I'm slightly older than the Grumpy Old Geeks and just started listening podcasts. GOG was one of the first I tried and was hooked. I started at episode 1 and binge listen at work. So far I'm up to episode 80. By tech standards the early episodes are ancient history but I still enjoy them and have resisted temptation to listen to newer episodes. Thanks for doing this podcast! Makes my boring work nights go by a little easier.

Dope show

This is a dope show! I normally get everything for free including movies,music,tv shows etc with different hacks but your show is something worth paying for. I will set up my pattern sub next week! Big up from the Haitian sensation from Miami,Fl!

Good listening material!

Can't quite explain why this podcast is fun to listen to but it is and I'm hooked. Maybe because I'm learning and being entertained at the same time. Thank you.!

Love this podcast

I've only reently become interested in tech (mostly due to a fascination with AI) so I was looking for some good podcasts to become more informed. I was listening to the CyberWire podcast and heard reference to the Grumpy Old Geeks podcast. I'm glad I subscribed. These guys are hilarious and talk about some interesting topics. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in the stupidy of the internet and people in general. Enjoy!

One of my favorites

I'm also a grumpy old geek (22 years in tech) and I love that they are too. They aren't afraid to call out the industry on its nonsense. I like that they curse and tell it like it is. The occasional political doesn't bug me the way they claim it does for other listeners, especially now that it's calmed down a bit post-election/inauguration. There are times when they are harsh on some tech things that I think they could like but missed a facet. Overall, they are funny and refreshingly honest.

Salty Old Geeks

Great podcast! It gives me enough salt to make it through the work week! Great to keep up on some security news, new products, and learn about all the things to piss me off.