Dope show

This is a dope show! I normally get everything for free including movies,music,tv shows etc with different hacks but your show is something worth paying for. I will set up my pattern sub next week! Big up from the Haitian sensation from Miami,Fl!

Good listening material!

Can't quite explain why this podcast is fun to listen to but it is and I'm hooked. Maybe because I'm learning and being entertained at the same time. Thank you.!

Love this podcast

I've only reently become interested in tech (mostly due to a fascination with AI) so I was looking for some good podcasts to become more informed. I was listening to the CyberWire podcast and heard reference to the Grumpy Old Geeks podcast. I'm glad I subscribed. These guys are hilarious and talk about some interesting topics. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in the stupidy of the internet and people in general. Enjoy!

One of my favorites

I'm also a grumpy old geek (22 years in tech) and I love that they are too. They aren't afraid to call out the industry on its nonsense. I like that they curse and tell it like it is. The occasional political doesn't bug me the way they claim it does for other listeners, especially now that it's calmed down a bit post-election/inauguration. There are times when they are harsh on some tech things that I think they could like but missed a facet. Overall, they are funny and refreshingly honest.

Salty Old Geeks

Great podcast! It gives me enough salt to make it through the work week! Great to keep up on some security news, new products, and learn about all the things to piss me off.

My Favorite Tech Podcast

My favorite tech podcast. I appreciate the book section, I may not read often but I have audible. I like getting new recommendations. Absolutely my favorite tech podcast. They are relevant and hilarious. Like the Bittner security section too. Its security wire gone wild with Dave Bittner. Natural born pessimist who has been getting up to date with the whats happening in the tech world. No better Podcast for it than this. UPDATE: I was very surprised to hear my review read on air while at work I may not completely remember writing the review. Made me laugh out loud in the office. And the culprit for the spelling mistakes and review was Jameson and working the 5am local shift in Portland. Just upped my Patreon support. You guys are awesome, your pod buoys my typically bleak Monday dealing with people in tech support who come at me ready to fix everything they put off the week before.

Joining from Saudi Arabia

Thank you for the great podcast. Like it! Pod cast that I'm listening to in my car. Keep up the good work guys. Best Regards Abdullah

I love these guys

I play other podcasts at 1.5 or 2x, but not this one. I listen at normal speed because I don't want to miss one golden word, they are that good. I enoy their sense of humor and their grumpyness and really look forward to it every week. Thank you so much Brian, Jason, (and Dave Bittner's security segment!)

Topical and entertaining

Maybe I am biased becuase they talk about things I am interested in, but this is the only podcast of this length I'll listen to. Bitner was the gateway drug, and now i am hooked, keep it up.

Grumpy Old Geeks Believer

I happen to recently get back into podcasts for my commute to work and to home about two weeks ago. Found your podcast and I LOVE IT! Great topic’s, good information, and good drinks! Keep up the great work!

Wonderful Mix of Tech and Geek Infused Humor

As long as you can get past the occasional polictial tirades, (and let's face it if you are listening to this, you are probably a little bit grumpy, and more than a little bit geek, so we have to find something to complain about or we aren't really happy) then you'll find this a great mix of geek and tech related topics.

Great show

Came across this pod around February and it's now one of my favorites. It's instant download and listen status to me now.

Great Tech podcast that covers all the bases

A nice find in the world of tech broadcasts. Lots of good subject matter, wit and humor. Politics? HA! Keep up the good work gents. Game over man, GAME OVER!

Refreshingly great show!

Love the show! Just subscribed 2 episodes ago and am incredibly happy to have found a show that talks about the tech industry without the bs. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to hearing more from y'all


You guys are awesome!!! :)

A little bit of everything for an old geek.

Brian and Jason don't pull any punches on the idiocracy in which we find ourselves or on each other. They give a good overview of the major things happening in the tech world and delve into their individual interests in apps and media (books, movies, and music). I never would have found my current favorite author (Scalzi) if not for this podcast. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I don't, but I always appreciate their perspective on this technological nightmare we created for ourselves.

The best podcast!

I never left a review before because itunes is such a horrible app. Sad!

Love the tech side of it

The political views that both of them have are awful but I can still enjoy the rest. Hopefully as time goes on they will get over Trump being elected.

The worst podcast I've ever listened to

This podcast is the worst. Disgraceful. It's the worst kind of FAKE NEWS. It's like Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood.

Your single listener from Sri Lanka!!!

Hey guys! love the show, this is probably the best tech podcast on iTunes right now. I also listened to every episode available ( evil smile ) P.S Told all my geeky friends to listen to GOG. P.P.S ( your haters are the reasons why aliens don’t visit us )

Not Just Another Tech News Podcast

These guys cover way more than tech news. Each episode spans a spectrum of topics with just enough details included to explain the story or make the point. The shows are fast-paced with plenty of humor and sarcasm. Often as not at their own expense.

Old Geek

Great podcast, the only one I listen to. Thanks for finally looking up the definition of AI, it was starting to become a little embarrassing ;-). You haven't read Kurzweil? Also, you really need to watch Halt and Catch Fire!!!

Great show

This show is very funny and entertaining 🥓

Thanks CyberWire

Mr. Dave Bittner brought me here. At first I was shocked at how salty and grumpy these old geeks were. But once I got used to that, I found the material surprisingly dense and not full of fluff and bs. Side note: I would totally get rid of that Chinese router

The single greatest podcast ever made by the hand of man!

Of course I'm gonna say that! It's the bestest tech show for adults who can handle disagreements and an occasional swears or twenty.

You guys are the best

I love ❤️ love ❤️ the show

The Best Podcast in the Universe

I go to the kitchen. Lots of work to do there. I look at my big list of subscribed podcasts and what do I always pick to listen to? This one. Grumpy Old Geeks. Sure I'm Grumpy, and old, and a geek. That's a good reason to listen but I listen to these guys because they are entertaining, informative, knowledgable and witty. And they are talking about stuff I'm interested in. Now if they would quit making my Echo turn on I'd be good. Listening now while cleaning the Macaw cage.

Always entertaining

I love the structure and opinions on the show! It's always a blast to listen to

The Grumpy OGs

Never really liked podcasts, but I needed something besides my stale music for a road trip and found GOG. I don't have many friends into tech so having a source of discussion even if I can't participate is awesome. I'd love more content, but I know how much work that'd be so I'm just making my way backwards. Keep it grumpy!

Makes me feel good about my tin hat

Great info, even though I don't always understand or agree with them