Grumpy Old Geeks


It starts with a curious press of a button. Before you know it, you’ve grabbed the tail of the dragon. Shout out to Morgan for dealing me my first episode.
A witty, informative, snarky, sobering look at the world of tech and what went wrong.
I picked up a few episodes back in March. As a glutton for punishment, I went back to episode numero uno and began to binge the whole thing. My commute allows me to polish off an episode or two a day. I cheered at episode 100, was jubilant at episode 200 and can’t wait to reach episode 300. From babies born (congrats) to watching Bam Bam (Brian, drink!) on Jason’s Chinese web cams; I’m hooked.
Currently up to December of 2017... miles to go before I sleep.

July 31, 2019 by Orgnlhylander on Apple Podcasts

Grumpy Old Geeks