Twice a week now?! Be still my heart. Love the show, love the discussion points, and I love the bleak outlook. I’m newish to the world of IT and this really helps keep me in the loop.

Change in the right direction

I’ve been listening to you guys for about 9 months now, always left wanting more. Glad you guys are moving to two episodes per week. The show is great, informative and funny sometimes, it’s almost as if I have two more dads ha ha keep it up!🔥🔥🔥


Hey guys, long time listener and Patreon donation person guy thing there. I almost gave you a four star because iTunes is a terrible platform for writing a review since I had to download the app and couldn't just do it from the browser. A little difficult when you're on a company laptop and only have an Android tablet at home. BUT I managed to do it to say keep up the great work. I appreciate it.

This show is one for the books!

In major defeat for Uber and Lyft, New York City votes to limit ride-hailing cars - The Verge Great Show!

Amazing podcast

Just wanted to let you know I just started listening to your podcast a few weeks ago and I am loving every minute of it. Listening to your podcast has actually motivated me to begin the work of starting my own podcast. Something I’ve been wanting to do with a friend of mine. Oh and by the way, just when you thought you’ve heard enough about scooters, I stumbled upon modobag. The first luggage of its kind that you can also ride around at the airport as a scooter. I thought you’d get a kick out of people zooming around at the airport riding on their luggage.

Amazing Podcast!

As a college student looking forward to working in the tech industry you guys are the best to listen to! Your personal experiences teach me a lot and have given me many insights on what it means to be a good person in the tech world!

Great show!

I’m fairly new to this podcast, and loved it so much I became a Patreon supporter. I love the news, and humor really help me get through these horrible trumpy times. Thanks for everything you guys do and I look forward to a lot more episodes!

Not bad

Every time I work I feel empty while staring at a computer screen. Nothing but depressing thoughts, but now thanks to this podcast I can now have 2 guys bickering about stuff that’s wrong with the world, and laughing about it! So thanks I’ve really come a far way!

Great show

GOG is a great podcast about everything tech, security and the like. Brian and Jason along with Dave make for a hilarious time as they grumpily jest about what’s wrong with everything on the internet and beyond. Stay grumpy gents!

Best tech Podcast ever!

You guys are funny and smart! Thank you for making my commute to work entertaining. deliveroo!!!!

Uncompromising analysis at the tech news and geek culture

Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister use the tech news as an excuse for sharing their knowledge and experience of technology and geek culture in a very entertaining way. Thank you very much and keep grumpy, also thanks to Dave Bittner how introduce me to this podcast.

Love this Show!

I’m a 20 year old System Administrator and I love listening to your podcast on the commute to work! I agree with many of your stances and enjoy it when you tear apart the villains of the tech world! Check out Decenturion!! Might be a good candidate for Morons of the week! Blockchain based state!

Are you feeling lucky?

I like to turn this show into a drinking game. Every time they swear or talk about birds, take a drink! If you make it through the whole show, I am impressed (Very impressed). You are either my hero or fellow alcohol-loving Canadian. If you are sober enough to listen to the actual show, it is really good! Great guys, great stories, great snark.

What a couple of Grumps! My kind of guys!

These guys are the best way to stay up to date on all the tech news thats fit to know about, and a bunch that isn't. Along with sidekick Dave Bittner, they also cover security and the like. Other than a slightly unnerving hatred for Bird scooters, which is ade up for with a great taste in music, these are some of the best and intelligent voices on the internet today. Start your week off right, stick Jason and Brian in your earholes. It'll make you a better person. I think. Maybe.

Funny and interesting

I like the perspective and you guys are so funny. Good stuff.

Grumps Unite! Awesome Podcast.

Stop what you're doing and subscribe to this podcast! Even if you're not grumpy or old, Brian and Jason will have you nodding your head at all the stupid things that are happening on the internet. And remember, A.I. does not exist!

Great tech podcast

Great podcast to help stay aware of all things tech and the cyber security section is fantastic. Highly recommended.

The Court Jesters Speak The Truth

A great geek podcast without going down to the port level. They bring up the current technology issues in the media in their own unique way. Their humorous presentations are great.

Geeks Gone Grumpier

Love this show. Jason and Brian, along with Dave on security, get at tech topics in a fun and enjoyable way. Plus, I can relate to their grumpiness and frustration with the dumbing down of society. I’d like to say just tech but really it’s all of it. Bird scooters for everyone!!


Although I am unfortunately part of the millennials generation I absolutely love this show. It’s helping me stay current with technology and I see I’m not alone when I comes to certain gripes about different software and product updates

Awesome conversation about internet and security

I have been listening to this show for about 6- 8 months. I'm gotten my 14 yr old hooked on it, good father-son time. I appreciate you guys share similiar views on privacy, social media and what kids/adults should and should do on the internet. I've been in IT Security for 22 years and love learning about topics I know about and don't know about. Keep up the great work and entertainment. Brian O. a life long and die hard SF Giants fan.

Dave Bittner For President

I don’t know who those other two guys are but they really should step aside and let Dave Bittner run the show.

Better than Reddit and Stumbleupon

I recently began listening to this podcast after hearing it recommended on a past episode of the Art of Charm. Now I don’t know how I got on without it! Working in IT. I now save hours and days of surfing tech news! I’m sure my employer and spouse will be quite pleased. Perfect for your commute.

Effin' AWFUL Language

Just kidding guys, great work!! Honest, raw and DEFINITELY unbiased! To the guys: I'm *technically* a millenial, so a big thank you from this geek for inspiring me to do better than the current swill of silicon valley frost-tipped unicorn-loving "platform"-building sellouts you feature every week. When they ask me how to build it, I'll have hours of content on how NOT to do it. Until that day, if you're a geek with half a brian, you'll love the grumping and grumbling, as I have. Cheers!

GOG's need to stick together..

It's hard to catch anyone's attention in this day and age of instant gratification. It's nice to listen to some people who generally feel the way I do about things. Keep up the good work!

Nothing is sacred.

Not Bitcoin, not even Luke Skywalker. While I don’t agree with everything they say, these guys are VERY knowledgeable about a lot of stuff I’m not. I learn and laugh during every show and GOG is priority listening, aka high on my list now. My only advice - don’t take advice from anybody. Continue doing what you’re doing, improving upon excellence along the way.

Great Show!

I've been listening for a few months now and this show is great! Relevent, up to date topics, and just fun overall. The show is entertaining from beginning to end and a must add to your podcast list.

Worth your time!

They take top tech stories, and break them down for you with a humorous banter. They also cover movies and shows you might consider and they'll let you know what's worth your time. You'll have a laugh and after a decision to unfollow a ton of podcasts, (including Art of Charm) Brian and Jason have come out on top! These guys are DEFINITELY worth 2 hours a week.


What are your thoughts on the podcast Masters of Scale?

Grumpy? Check. Geeky? Check.

This is an awesome podcast. It fills my morning commute with sarcasm and cutting edge technology. What more could you ask for? I’ve been listening for almost a year and love it so much I’m a supporter on Patreon. Be one of the cool kids and listen to this snarky, hilarious duo.