Grumpy Old Geeks

My meager payment and indignant review, so smile-UPDATED!

Would have rated the show at six stars, less one star as I had to leave a snarky remark/comment--consider a 5 of 6 (Next Gen) and a MeatSpace score of 4.755. Guess I wil just have to go to the website, what is the address again?

Knowing you're both Sci-Fi buffs/fanboys I guess I am older than both of you as I predate your cultural linkage by way of Lost in Space, Ginger was hot. Sorry I couldn't feed the collective kitty or Jason's dogs, as I am snowed in this year and NASA won't fly me out.

// AI Snarky ON
Old codgers have remained true to their charter, stay grumpy!
// AI Snarky OFF

Oct. 26, 2019 by strezztechnoid on Apple Podcasts

Grumpy Old Geeks