Grumpy indeed

One of my favorite podcasts because these guys are real. They aren't fake, they’re real people and they’re really grumpy. Sometimes they’re really really grumpy, sometimes only mildly grumpy. If they were cartoon they would be the grumpy bears. Grumping here and there and everywhere. Good book recommendations too.

Better then a poke in the eye.

You could do worse things than subscribing. Brian and Jason are easily crankier than a senior citizen who just missed double coupon day at the supermarket, and you might just learn something from them.

My favorite podcast!

I have a really long commute and you guys make it bearable. I can learn and laugh along the way. Keep it up. I strongly recommend it.

It's pretty good.

Not too bad.

Smarter and Grumpier

As a tech idiot, this podcast makes me smarter. As a curmudgeon, this podcast makes me grumpier. Keep up the surly work!

Great podcast!

Meant to write a review earlier, this is a great podcast. Writing a review now to tell JASON that sudden memory problems could indicate a mold problem in your new place. Best way to test this out is go on a trip, try to wear new clothes or borrow clothes from a healthy friend (since the mold might be from your washing machine). If you improve and/or badly crash when you go back to your place, it is not safe and you need to move. I am not a doctor, but my family has been living a mold nightmare and my spidey sense went up when you mentioned your health issues.

Entertaining and Informative

I’ve been listening to GOG for about a year now, and I’ve found that it is one of the few podcasts that I actually stick to listening and get a little excited when a new episode comes out. Brian and Jason have great chemistry, excellent quality, and of course aren’t afraid to share their opinions and tell things the way they are. They give a great take on current tech news, and always have something interesting that makes me laugh! I’m loving getting a new episode twice a week now as well! I actually work as a dog walker/sitter myself (having used websites such as and, back when it existed, DogVacay), so I’m always happy to hear about the love Jason has for his dogs. Listening to these two have gotten me through long days of walking, and I’m actually on my second listen through of the back catalog just to fill the silence through the day (and I always think they’re a little hard on themselves about their early shows). I’m hoping to be able to support them on Patreon soon when I’m out of college, and look forward to a lot more listening!

Not Grumpy–realistic!

A clear-eyed view of the world at large, with disarming honesty used to talk about things that are important to us all (notwithstanding the title). Entertaining, informative and crucial to one's daily well-being. Thank you!

Funny but Sad

Five stars to counter the one who doesn’t want to hear discussion of public policy. You can’t separate Washington’s venality and stupidity from what’s happening in tech. Otherwise, you get ubiquitous, unregulated social platforms that allow the promotion of murder, misinformation, spying on innocent people, treason, inequality, the rise of oppressive power and brutality, a populace controlled by lies. We wouldn’t want that. GOG does its own tiny bit to reveal, with biting humor, the sad and even terrifying state of tech. F***T****

My go to podcast

I absolutely enjoy listening to this podcast while working on my Etsy orders at home. I have my own shop on Etsy & I think It’s a pretty helpful platform for starting your own business, would be cool to hear your thoughts about it. Also, my kids (11 & 14yrs old) have heard this podcast a little while I’m working sometimes and they think you guys are hilarious! :)

Blue light

The Largest source of blue light in your daily life is the Sun. 😮

Best A.I. Podcast out there

Are you a fan of: -Space Force! -? -Artificial Intelligence? -The Burg’s (Zuck and Sand)? -Furries? -EULAs? -Digital Privacy? -Bitcoin? Look no further. G.O.G. Is a juicy, one-stop show for everything Tech...marinated in sarcasm, realism, and a (yuge!) dose of wisdom. #MTGA (make tech great again!)

Simply - the BEST!

Happy 300th. Love these guys! Nuff said!

Great Geeks

I've been Listening for a while and finally decided to write a review (even though I left a rating a few months ago). Jason and Brian are hilarious and bring a rare honesty to the show. I agree with almost all that they say about technology and being a web developer from the 90's I have a similar perspective on many things. The show is a must listen for me and I've gotten several of my geek friends hooked as well. Keep doing great work.

Grumpy for all

Love this show! I am only 22 so not quite an Old Geek but still Grumpy as hell at the current state of tech. This podcasts beautiful sums up the most important weekly news and never spend to much time on a single story. Highly suggested for anyone who wants to stay current on tech news.

New GOG fan

I listen to all the shows now and they make me feel smart and arrogant about my knowledge of the happenings in the tech world. I gave you $1 a month bc you are at least worth 1/5 of a beer a month. Maybe a whole beer some day

I thought I was a GOG

I thought I was a Grumpy Old Geek, then I heard this podcast. I am grumpy, old (over 50), and a geek, but these guys are the masters.

Now with 10% more grumpiness

When you’re feeling down and low because you can’t understand the millennials, crack open a beer and listen to these geeks who will always have your back. They're happy enough to leave the politics to the politicians. So set your mind on cruise control and enjoy some free geek wisdom.

Excellent podcast

Whether needing a good commute podcast or a primer to the week’s tech news, nothing is better than GOG! Even suburban soccer Moms approve!

Fun listen

Hosts tilting at windmills very entertaining keep on

Love the show

I just started listening to the show last week about five episodes in and love what you guys do. I related it to my husband that it reminds me of the Techtv show screensavers if they were allowed to drink and cuss on the show. I do agree our technology has advanced beyond security, law, or even basic common sense. This is the star of how the robots will take over. You guys do amazing stuff, keep up!

So much yes

Been listening to this show since the year began and I am so fecking excited every time I see a new episode. This has truly become a part of my routine. This show is so fecking great. Keep it uppp! ^.^

Grumpy Old Geeks

Fun and entertaining. I agreee with them almost none of the time, but they never fail to make me laugh!

Learn something grumpy

Fun and entertaining. Keeps me informed on the latest ride-sharing economy blockchain IPO scam while reminding me of when privacy used to (sort of) exist. I quit following the product suggestions after Jason convinced me to move from Opera to Firefox only to switch right back after I got used to Firefox, but my browser and I forgive him. Give it a listen.

Old Army geek

I love getting 2x the banter now, amazing show that keeps us old timers up to speed on this Dad-blamed block chain.

Funny and Smart

Listening to Jason and Brian always makes the time pass by quickly. Their sense of humor is dry but witty and their knowledge of the tech industry is well balanced; they aren’t savant coders or computer scientists, but they’ve worked at the ground level and understand the bigger picture. Definitely a good listen, and twice a week is even better.

best podcast ever

I have been listening to GOG for going on 2 years now and I live for the now two days a week (!!!) when shows are published. I myself am only very indirectly in the tech world -- my last 3 serious boyfriends have all been IT nerds, so I at least have heard some of the $5 words yall use and have some fodder for conversation topics. My curent beau seems to agree with your opinions the most, so he's obviously a keeper! I am also a huge fan of the sense of humor that infuses each episode. The snarkism is probably one of the main things that keeps me listening even the mechanics behind a lot of the actual topics are waaay over my Liberal Artsy head (what field I'm in is kind of ambiguous... my former dissertation advisor referred to me as a Phenomenological Cultural Analyst....?) Thanks so much for everything you do. Also, I just made a recurring donation of $2.50/month on Patreon. :D

Legendary Podcast!

Jason & Brian have a great rapport. Fun take on tech, GREAT topics. Grumpy old geeks is a MUST!

Great Grumps

A podcast with tech and humor coming from two down to earth guys. I have listened to many other podcasts that try to be too serious. The lighthearted, sarcastic attitude of Jason and Brian is just what I need to make my week better. Guys I didn’t think I would like the new twice a week format but I must say it is nice to have more episodes.

How Much is Too Much?

I catch myself laughing like an idiot on my drive to and from work - and then I learn something. Great show guys.