Great show guys

The only thing better then grumpy old geeks is the squeal coming in 2020 Grumpier old geeks. Don’t miss this original podcast

Love these guys!!

The grumpiest grumps and I love it!! Been listening to these guys for about a year and a half and just now signed up for a Patreon donation. From the ever changing landscape of tech and accompanying moralism (or lack thereof), the erosion of our ethics, privacy and such, these guys touch a lot of bases to keep you up to date with our Orwelian world. News, music, books, security, tech toys...all is here. A joy to my short podcast subscription list. From a fellow grump myself, stay grumpy!! Oh yeah....Deliverooooooooooo!!!!

Re: The TWA wings

Hey dudes! At the end of episode 339 I heard some reminiscing about getting the airline wings and how they don’t do that anymore. On Alaska Airlines, this very February, I asked for and received a pair of wings and got to pop my head in the cockpit and say hi to the flight crew. Anyways, love the show, been binging since I discovered y’all back in November. Enjoy the 5 star, you earned it.

The only podcast I listen to..

Love your stuff, you keep me chuckling every episode. As a "Furry" webcaster, I know it is hard to put together a tight, clean, well leveled and edited production, and you guys do a good job of it. Send a furry YAP over to your furry buddy Bitner for me :) --Yappy Fox, a grumpy "gray muzzle" geek.


Only tech show I've listened to for the past five years. A technology show about actual opposed to other tech shows that only talk about the new phones and tablets. Mix of of current events with tech, books, security, random ramblings...all good stuff.

I hate them!

Guess what... You can hate them too! I highly recommend listening to their bi-weekly podcast every errrr... week so you can fully grasp how much I truly loathe them. It may take a few years of listening but it's worth it. They're loathsomely loathsome. In the end you may end up like me and hate-sponsor them with a few dollars just so that you can keep the hatred alive. Stay grumpy!™

Take your 5 star!

Great podcast. From one grump to another.

You finally got me to give you the review you deserve

On long drives I love listening. I save a number of episodes and then the drive just flies by. They never seem out of date, always provide useful information (and some that is just funny - which is also useful on long drives!!). I have been part of "this world" since I bought my first Compaq Computer (before Compaq even had hard drives!!!). So I guess I also qualify as an "Old Geek." Keep up the Geeking.

Angry about the right stuff

These guys are frustrated about the weak links in the chain - the people! Sad that they never learn but I know I learn from them every time they post a new episode. The 2 times a week is great as I need my "fix" and more is better. Thank you for the insight and experience and educated recommendations! I'm posting on here but listen on Overcast and don't have enough stars in enough podcasting apps to support you more. Thank you, Jason And for kicks for JPD - Deliverooooo!

Educational, Grumpy and Just plain good

These are the guys you used to stalk in the coffee room at work just to listen to them complain and get up to date on the news. It's technical, it's a barrel full of laughs and it's grumpy. You'll learn and be well entertained by them in the process. This is not your momma's podcast. GRUMP ON! And I want to hear Jason say, "Deliveroo"

They put the F-U in fun

An enjoyable listen.

The only tech podcast I need

I've been listening to Jason and Brian weekly for over a year and by now they are the only tech podcast I listen to and practically the only podcast I have time for these days. These guys have a finger on the pulse of today's digital zeitgeist. I really enjoy the bi-weekly format because the news and updates are always fresh. I get my cybersecurity fix on Mondays with guest Dave Bittner, and then my latest update on Media on Thursdays. I'm roughly the same age as Jason and Brian and a very similar life story, having started building websites in the mid 90s. I'd like to think I'm not as grumpy, but I find myself agreeing with almost everything they say and catch myself laughing out loud during my morning commute. Stay grumpy!

Gloriously grumpy fellows

I’m glad they don’t compromise the way I have. Willing to use the appropriate language to describe the idiocy and uncaring malice in today’s internet and related politics and business practices. I always laugh out loud several times a show. After the second show I went around telling people about the podcast and how wonderful it was. But I also warned them it might not be safe for work or sensitive family members. I also enjoy their backgrounds in doing IT for music and other businesses. A million thanks for doing all the work against the odds. Keep on keeping on as we older geeks used to say

Listen to this!

GOG is the only podcast I subscribe to and listen to regularly. I’m older than them, grumpier than them but not as geeky. They resonate with me. I trust them. I grump with them. I’m cursing mad at the same things they are.

Meets expectations

Performs duties as assigned,

Love this show

Love listening to you guys while at work. I think you have a lot of knowledge to pass down to the younger geeks like me(30/m). I hope your show keeps growing. I also hope those who make important changes to tech will be listening! Also wondering if either of you listened to the Rogen podcast with Jack Dorsey of Twitter on banning/censorship. I could understand if Rogen isn’t your cup of tea but would love to hear your thoughts. Stay grumpy!

Interesting Nerds :)

I like this show, it’s unique. Quite a few things up my alley. :)

Great for old geeks!

I love these two. They find all the interesting tech stories and discuss them with the wisdom of been-there, seen-that tech veterans. This is great for me as I can't be arsed to do the reading, but appreciate keeping up to date. They also have good taste (well, aligned with mine) in music, TV and books. Being a similarly aged, vintage geek, I get all their jokes and it's a bit like hanging out with the smart and cynical coders from my old jobs. They have a genuine rapport, and chuckle at each other with glee. Of the two, Jason's always a bit more of a wildcard, but that's fun too when he gets on his soapbox and rants. Thanks Jason and Brian! You guys do a great job. Oh, and production values are super too.

Love the grumpy cynicism!

I’m an old tech guy myself, and remember the boom and bust of the 90’s. Love to hear other “learned” voices commenting on the way things are going (Badly!). Keep it up!


You guys are awesome! I work at pretty simple job making lasers that I know will be taken by AI within the next 10 years. But I doubt AI will listen to Podcasts while working?! So you guys make my job that much easier 😀. Keep up the great work! -jimmy

Funny & spot on

This is a really good podcasts. These guys say what everyone else is thinking, they do it will humor. Love to laugh with/at these guys. Also, full of good information. Recommend everyone check it out

Keep up the Grumpy!

It’s refreshing to catch up with you guys twice a week on the absurd events that unfold. There is never a short of stupidness in our society today! Highly recommended show!

A great start to my Monday.

You guys are the best. I usually get a good laugh from Brian and Jason. You are the best tech podcast since the old Maximum PC No BS podcasts from back in 2007-2008. You really open my eyes about security and the whole Facebook fiasco and have even inspired me to do my very own podcast, albeit on a completely different subject - cars! Thanks guys, keep it up.

Funny, informative, and grumpy

I've been listening for years now and figured I'd leave a review. I guess I like the show. They help me catch up with the news and give me a chuckles. Keep up the good work!

Aerobics Replacement

Between cheering them on for being brilliant and screaming that they’re idiots, I certainly get a workout each week. But through it all they never fail to make me think. So thank you. Now GET OFF MY LAWN!!! Just stay grumpy while you do!

Cup of Java

Great podcast that gives the listener a dose of sweet creamer in the coffee cup of life!

Better than FM

I listen to the show because it is at least better than what is on the FM radio.

My Listen or Die Podcast

These guys are the bomb diggity! Highly irritable, well informed and amazingly informative and entertaining. Makes my commute and work route exceedingly enjoyable. ***Sorry not feeling too snarky, atm. ***

A Grumpy Young Geek Enjoys Grumpy Old Geeks

I consider myself pretty plugged into the tech world being a video game nerd who works in IT, but these guys keep me well informed on the current happenings twice a week which I find really enjoyable. The only times I get mildly annoyed with the show is when they rag on millennials because it gets kind of old, especially when people have literally been doing this about the generation after theirs for millennia. But to complain, rant, rave, and call for boycott would be about equivalent to saying “mnyehhhh but not ALL men!!” So I’m only doing one of those things (complaining, duh). But it’s a good show, updates frequently and consistently, the guys aren’t afraid to disagree with each other (so the show isn’t just a circular “look at us; we’re so smart and #woke” kind of deal). Highly recommend if you want to know what’s going on in the world of tech, politics as it relates to tech, pop media, books, and more! P.S. How have the scooter companies not crashed and burned as much as their scooters have been crashed or set on fire? With as many as get dumped or destroyed (because humans are garbage) you’d think they’d be hemorrhaging money for those things.

I favorite podcast

They have the best show notes in the business. I like reading along while I'm listening to them.