Grumpy, Furry and Geekier than You Can Imagine

The header says it all. Listen to this podcast or the Fur Mafia will find you :-)

Best tech podcast

This is a very enjoyable podcast that keeps me informed on the latest trends in technology. I really like the cybersecurity discussions. Stay grumpy! Jeff W

Best Tech podcast Gen X Available

Fun and easy lo learn, even easier way to get up to date about the Tech news

Great Tech podcast

I don’t consider myself old but I do find myself completely identifying with these 2 geeks. Great podcast to keep up with what is going on in tech. I have a 3 year old “turdler” at home and have found myself sharing many of the same frustrations and concerns with Brian when it comes to kids and tech. PS, the manscaping ads make me giggle every time I hear them. Edit to add: I love how links to everything you talk about are included in the show notes.

My favorite podcast by far. Top-notch audio quality, great chemistry with the hosts and solid content on a reliable schedule.

A tech podcast so good

I downloaded the Apple Podcast app just to give them a 5 star review!

Authentic, raw, tech (social impact & security), sci-fi and pop culture driven and most of all GRUMPY! I love this show!

Something To Look Forward To

Housework is not the most invigorating task especially when you've done it for decades. However, it's a perfect time to put on a podcast and scrub away. This podcast covers a lot of topics while still giving one a good peek under the sheets. There are issues covered that I would never have come across in my everyday life. Information is not doled out in a dry manner but with humor and sarcasm. I walk away with pointers that make me wiser about my tech purchases, help me improve many aspects of security, keep me in the know of books/cinema/TV and much, much more. They do tend though to giggle A LOT between each other. One does have to wonder if they are simply that joyful or if there are substances involved 🤔 Anyway, kudos to the format, the quality and the overall tone they bring to the podcast. I simply can't manage to do my household chores without them.

Best Gen-X pod on the net

This is probably the best podcast for Gen-Xers if not everyone. Without a doubt we have all lost our starry eyed view of the internet. If your a Gen-Xer you embraced the internet but being a product of a divorced home, you know that all things come to an end. Well, we’ve all seen how the internet has ended our hope of a connected, better world. These guys will tell you how it happened; in excruciating detail. It is the one place that calls out grifter tech gurus, gullible Facebook boomers, and despicable tech companies that have turned out to be just another type of robber baron. Keep listening, get off Facebook and listen to the Grumps!

Grumpy Old Geeks is a twice weekly tech show that I love. Jason and Brian break down what is happening in the tech world and acerbically discuss what they think of it. While they are grumpy as the title suggests, they are also funny and you can tell that they really love technology.

The only podcast I listen to religiously

Love this podcast, keeps me current on everything going wrong with technology, so I can be that guy when I’m out with my friends.. Just upgraded to macOS Catalina, and checked out the new Podcast app, and listened to your podcast at regular speed for the first time in forever.. Are you guys talking slow on purpose? Just kidding.. I travel up to the valley on a regular basis, if you guys ever have a GOG Social or something, I’d be happy to buy you guys a beer.. Keep up the great work!


The show is kinda lame but worth forwarding through boring chatter on technology and news to get to the brilliant ads, what a strategy it keeps me hooked. Especially the ball shavers - those are the best. I. Even give them money each month to hear it! Keep it Groomy.

A delightful podcast from a couple GenX geeks

Smart guys? CHECK FUNNY? Check Jokes about old computer stuff? CHECK A great podcast and I giggle at the ads because sometimes ball jokes are funny.


I actually had to reinstall apple podcasts just to leave this review but seriously screw that guy who left the 1 star review because the ads were “an insult” not only am I happy to listen to some ads to support the great content that is provided for free twice a week but some of the ads have turned me on to some amazing services (My wife and I both use Privacy for all our online shopping) I discovered this show a couple of months ago and now I never miss and episode and once we are past the money pit that is the holidays I plan to start donating to the patron or PayPal as well as continuing to listen to the top quality ads!

Where Do I Begin!!!???

Love these guys to the depths. They say what I am thinking, and are funny to boot! This is a guaranteed soundtrack on my daily commute to the Napa Valley! Keep it combing gents!

Great show!

Really is the best technology show out there. Excellent combination of laid back fun with tech nerd dashed in which makes for easy listening. And the ad strategy is amazing!! :-)

Ads are great

I give this show 5 starts simply for the amazing ads. They have helped my network stay private and virtualized. Helped me get fresh meat delivered to my door, and never has my manscape been so manscaped. The other segments of the show could really use some work. However I can never unsubscribe cause those 120 seconds in the middle of the show make listening to the other 50 minutes of the show all worth it. Grump on!

Great stuff

I wish I’d found this podcast sooner. The guys are great. The episodes are very educational & informative! Keep up the great work! “Snarky Comment”

So Grumpy So Good

These two are the Statler and Waldorf of technology. I anxiously await each episode to hear what I should be upset about next, can’t get enough!

Keep it up

Love teh show. Thanks so much for a solid tech cast.

My meager payment and indignant review, so smile-UPDATED!

Would have rated the show at six stars, less one star as I had to leave a snarky remark/comment--consider a 5 of 6 (Next Gen) and a MeatSpace score of 4.755. Guess I wil just have to go to the website, what is the address again? Knowing you're both Sci-Fi buffs/fanboys I guess I am older than both of you as I predate your cultural linkage by way of Lost in Space, Ginger was hot. Sorry I couldn't feed the collective kitty or Jason's dogs, as I am snowed in this year and NASA won't fly me out. // AI Snarky ON Old codgers have remained true to their charter, stay grumpy! // AI Snarky OFF

Great Podcast!

Informative, funny and entertaining. Cringey at times but its all good fun. Definitely worth subscribing to.

Grumps, not chumps

I look forward to each episode! These guys are an excellent addition to your podcast lineup. The show is well organized, and prepared. Br(y/i)an and Jason tackle tech news like true grumpy old men (because they are). I am glad I found this show and will continue to listen as long as they stay on. Stay GRRRRRRUMPY!!!!!!

Funny and relevant

Listening to these guys banter back and forth about the week’s tech news is like hanging out with your own geek buddies at the local bar. They’re funny and crass, yet witty, and always entertaining. Each one is more miserable than the other, but they always get joy in the misfortunes of major social media companies and tech conglomerates. At the end of each episode, you come away more informed than most in the world of tech, and just itching to bite someone’s head off from the latest global privacy breach. A must listen, and keep up the great work Grumps! Deliveroooooooo!!

Great show 7 out of 5 would recommend !

Grumpy news, interesting topics. From technology to “politics”, Jason and Brian will keep you up to date with what’s going on in the whole interwebs and more. You won’t be disappointed by their great content they will always deliveroo!!!


Racists? No.

Finally a real show!!!

Grumpy or not, very entertaining show. Stay grumpy my friends.


I am nether old nor a geek but I am grumpy. An excellent show to listen to if you want to keep up with the tech and media news. Makes for a great listen during my walk to school or when I’m smoking my pipe to relax. I’ll hop on the Patreon when I get a real job. Thank you Jason and Brian for quality content in a sea of trash

Drop it like it’s hot

These guys deliver. Phenomenal show.

Not so grumpy but very entertaining.

More like very blunt middle age men.