Grumpy Old Geeks

Funny, irreverent, informative

This is one of the two or three podcasts that I always make time to listen to every week. Even during the pandemic! Despite no longer having the commute + walking that was my dedicated podcast time!

The two cohosts of the show do not suffer fools gladly. Their down-to-earth reviews of tech, tech leaders and the horrible economics of startups are always fair, honest and relevant; and frankly funny. Even when they’re castigating some wannabe tech titan.

Occasionally some politics creep in - but real world politics do affect tech and in my opinion it’s an appropriate amount.

Regular contributor Dave Bittner (CyberWire and many other awesome infosec-related podcasts) contributes the great “Security Ha!” segment.

I also enjoy hearing from their occasional guests eg Seth from famous NYC photo/video/audio store Adorama.

I always feel more informed about tech news, tech in general, and even if I disagree with their opinions it’s still an awesome show.

Oct. 14, 2020 by *** Diabl0 *** on Apple Podcasts

Grumpy Old Geeks