Ed Liphart

This is a must subscribe,must listen,podcast. Brian and Jason are absolutely great and a pleasure to listen to. Their tech insight helps to cut through the clutter and give you the true “meat” of the issue at hand. The chapters do a great job of splitting the subject matter into logical chunks of relevant content. DO NOT PASS THIS ONE UP!

Worthwhile and relevant

These guys are a great source for tech news with a nonsense filter to give anyone from hardcore nerds to civilians useful entertaining information that's relevant to the world we live in today.. They've made plenty of predictions on the tech game and ways our society is heading due to all these new mediums that they've called pretty accurately.. Not to mention in an ocean of useless low quality podcasts this is one that's produced well and worth your time if you're alive in this real world today.

Great pCast

Informative and well rounded tech chatter. I would recommend it to any geek intellect that enjoys some twisted grumpy I/O.

Are you worthy of the Grumps?

Take this simple 5 question test. Give yourself 1 point for each 'yes'. 1) Are you interested in technology, sci-fi, music, or basically anything interesting? 2) Are you a geek, or grumpy? 3) Do you suspect that while surely there must be good in the world, "they" are probably out there. 4) Do you enjoy learning about new technology trends? 5) Did you already guess that YOU ARE NOT WORTHY, because the answer to all interweb machine questions are 'no'? Score yourself: 0-2 points: You are likely running IE 5 on Windows 95. Please go back to playing Minesweeper. 3-4 points: There's hope for you yet. Subscribe now, before it's too late! ! 5 points: Welcome, fellow Grump! (You're still not worthy.)

Yeah, yeah, okay...

My significant other is possibly the most loyal listener to this podcast. She told me about it, and it sounded like something I would absolutely not want to give up my time listening to. There’s just too many good podcasts out there. But because she’s super cool and hot, and I’m a dutiful boyfriend, I agreed. I listened to one. Then another. My duties were fulfilled. But then something happened… I found myself asking her if we can listen to another. Then another. And now I’m hooked, even supporting the show as a patreon, with or without her. Which you all should do, as well. Support this great podcast. The guys are funny and smart, and find great “news items” to discuss and debate. If you have even a passing interest or connection to all things tech and Internet, this podcast will become a favorite.

Great for keeping up with everything Geek

Tech, internet, books, and a little bit of everything else. Thouroughly entertaining.

Fantastic podcast

These guys are fantastic. Listening their rants and jokes about the absurdities of the world of tech is something I look forward to every week.


This is pretty okay. You might want to listen to it.

Modern life is rubbish

I think the title of that Blur album perfectly encapsulates why Brian and Jason are so grumpy. The pervasiveness of the internet in our lives today is both a blessing and a curse. This is an entertaining and informative listen about the frequent frustrations and occasional joys that we experience on a daily basis due to technology (and the people behind it). And I don't mind the cursing.


The highlight of my podcast listening week.

Sometimes the truth hurts

As a long time tech and music geek who now tries to distance himself from the stupidity of the industry and the brain dead consumer, the like minded Brian and Jason are the perfect conduits for me to stay caught up on the important (and not so important information) without getting too angry. They get grumpy for me. One of the reasons distanced myself from the industry is there is so much crap and link bait, it's hard to find the real stories. The Grumpy Old Geeks help weed that out and provide the links on their show notes so I can investigate further on my own.

there is hope

If the definition of a cynic is an idealist whose had their dreams crushed then I am a tech cynic. Jason and Brian manage to explain why and how my dream of the future was crushed by the corporate overlords and make me laugh while doing it. Oh my…I can feel my cold cold heart warming. Could that be hope? Open a beer or pour a glass of wine sit back and enjoy. Also makes for a great antidote to the afternoon commute.


Recently I discover this podcast and now I can't miss any episode. Listener from Oman :)

Worth your time

I wish all news, blogs, podcasts were like this one. Authentic, smart, entertaining and actually (gasp) informative. Not the advertising/hyperbole/idiot-fest that pretty much everything else has become. Add to that the professional level audio mixing and you have magic. Do they curse sometimes? Yes. It’s for adults, sunshine. Do they hold views that people who have only been exposed to main-stream information might find shocking? Yes. Educate yourself. Do they sometimes use terms that people might find offensive? Yes, but when they realize they’re wrong, they are big enough to correct themselves. TLDR: This podcast is a hidden gem. I’m hooked and look forward to listening every week. Give it a try, I’d be surprised if you didn’t feel the same!

So What….

Enjoy the podcast . Don’t always agree with the opinions but so what I don’t always agree with my opinions.

Great curation, fun commentary

J&B, I've been listening off and on (mostly on) for 2 years now. The curation of content is amazing, it helps me decide what I should remember from whatever happened in the week, or tell me about things I missed and care about. The commentary is sharp and insightful, especially when the geeks have first hand experience with it (dealing with web contract work, Wordpress, music industry nonsense). Tangentially, the curated links is the best feature of this show, please include them in the inline show notes on the feed. The reason I sometimes leave (but always come back eventually) is when the commentary is wrong or misses large developments. But given the nature of the show (a radio morning show crossed with techmeme news aggregation) it's fine. TL;DR Enjoyable, entertaining, and great practice for on the fly censoring around the youth or elderly. Links inline. More personal experiences, and a little less reaching for facts without research. Happy grumping

Keep it grumpy

Mix a nice chemistry between the two hosts (who enunciate well), add a set list of content to weigh in on, and probably most important: TAKE TIME TO MIX THE SHOW IN POST so the hosts have their sound inputs even and pleasant to listen to. These grumps do just that. They consistently put a solid effort into their production and it shows.

Entertaining take on what is happening in the world of technology

These grumpy old geeks are about a decade younger than me so I'm not sure the term old applies to them. If it does then I guess I am a grumpy ancient geek. The podcast is always entertaining and helps me keep current on what is happening in the world of technology. Even my wife who is, and I say this in the most caring and nurturing way, a Luddite enjoys listening to the GOGs.

Great show

Awesome show, their take particularly on streaming music needs to be picked up by other tech podcasts that don't seem to have caught on to the fact that if artists are reporting one thing and the services another, maybe the labels are keeping the money? They don't even really annoy me when they miss mark like they did last week talking about ad-blocking. It's not about stopping sites from making money, it's about the tracking the ad networks are doing and the technical load it adds to the pages. Also, your argument is the one that Leo LaPorte has been given for 2 months on Security Now. So you know. :-)

A Gem in a sea littered with sameness

Came across the show and find myself liking it more every time I hear a different episode. I am not a tech geek but I throughly enjoy the content and the dynamic relationship between the hosts Jason and Brian. Very educational, entertaining, refreshing and unique.

If someone said this about me, I'd blush...

Great show if you've been around tech for awhile. Good info/ tips,Sharp observations with a bit of black humor about the Latest Greatest Thing. Great reviews and pick-ups, but most of all, Great Attitude!! Irreverent, intelligent and funny. Interesting,Up to Date with just the right touch of Weltschmerz

Fantastic Show

They are grumpy. They are geeks. Admit it. They are us. Jason and Brian tell it like it is and how it should have been. While Silicon Valley basks in the rays of their non existing intelligence our dynamic duo remind us of what we were when the Internet was young, free, and a fun place to be. They knock down the walled gardens, kick over hornets nests and generally have a great time. If you want realistic news from industry insiders this is the show for you. Thanks guys!

Filler of voids!

For the longest time I have looked for a podcast that would make the commute to work a less boring. With talk about current happenings on the web such as security, apps and gadgets along with some funny commentary, this definitely has filled the void. A great podcast that I cannot recommend enough. Give them a try, and I'm sure you will like it.

A breath of fresh air

from current events, to books and media, Brian and Jason know the business and present it in an informative and hilarious format. Well done, gents, you have a listener for life. Well, for as long as you are broadcasting, that is. I mean, I'm not going to off myself when you're done, that'd be really dumb.

Time to Review...

I've never reviewed a podcast until now: I've listened to about 50 episodes of this one (still going through them all), and compared to several others I've tried, nothing comes close in quality and content. Recently listened to some really bad podcasts that made me appreciate this one even more. I guess it's time to start donating...

5 stars

I really enjoy listening to this podcast.

These guys are right on the mark!

Just found the Grumpy Old Geeks. I can relate!

Fun and Insightful

As someone who feels like a fellow grumpy old geek myself, I really relate with and enjoy the show. It provides some good context to modern technology and entertainment. New find for me and I’m going to marathon it while coding the next few weeks. Thanks guys!

Best Listen of the Week

Witty and unfiltered.... You will be addicted after a few shows.

Great podcast!

I enjoy the show and commentary on tech and the internet form the "inside". Great info, entertaining and show notes worth checking !! Nice job :)