Old, grumpy, geeky, and can relate.

Transported to a sureal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three others to kill again! Oh wait that was Wizard Of Oz. This is GOG and if you are old enough to know what Wizard Of Oz is and you happen to have worked in pretty much any tech field over the past 25+ years then most likey you are jaded and bitter. I know I am so I really enjoy listening to Jason and Brian talk about what is going on nowadays with their own take on it all. I wouldn't miss an episode.

grumpy goodness

Love these guys. Savvy smart and oh so grumpy!

Awesome podcast

I might be the only 19 year old woman who listens to this podcast (I presume). Jason and Brian make such a great team! Covering interesting news stories all in one fun podcast, with great perspectives on the tech world from both of them.


Was looking for a fun podcast that's a good mix of tech and media and this doesn't dissapoint. Although I'm not quite as old I more than make up for it in grump. Keep up the good work!



Hands down my favorite podcast

These guys make listening to podcast fun and entertaining. Great topics and awesome format. Always enjoy fridays when they come out with a new episode


This podcast hits all the right notes. The chemistry of the presenters is great, they obviously work hard to gather the information and think about it before presenting it in a fun format. None of the condescension found in many tech casts, and none of the fan boy stuff or sales pitches for the latest and greatest. Just enjoyable all around and well done. I look forward to each episode.

Your 5 Stars

This is my favorite not to be missed podcast. It's not necessarily for everyone, but listening and actually thinking about opinions differing from one's own can really expand the horizions, so give it a shot. And their At the Library section has many great recommendations.

Grumpy Old Geeks are the best

I personally think this is the best podcast out there! Everything from current event news, crazy security breaches, and just good, grumpy fun! Out of all the podcasts I subscribe to, GOG is the one that never sits in my queue for long. Keep up the amazing work!

Every episode a jewel

Had a bear of a time getting someplace to rate your podcasts. This is from iTunes. I happen to like opinions from others, and I found it worth paying for to hear something intelligent and funny. You guys fit the bill. Thanks for all the hard work. Will keep listening. Need instructions on exactly how to vote for each podcast. Tried this app, which had no place I could find to rate your work. Tried the Apple Podcast, and failed to find a solution there. Perhaps I am just dumb, putting me in the 99% group of today's public. But I will perservere to find the right place to rave about you.

Great Podcast! (Also screw iTunes)

I've been through my fair share of podcasts this summer and this is still the only one that legitimately makes me smile when I see a new episode in my feed. Great mix of humor, tech news, hating on Kanye and politics (even though I'm generally against obvious bias, I'm very OK with as many anti-trump comments you can throw our way, so keep it coming!). They really know their stuff, and as an engineering student it's a really great (and sometimes horrifying) window into the world that I will soon be entering. On a slightly unrelated note, I used to think that Jason was kind of a dick, and he probably still is, but I've kind of grown numb to it at this point and don't even notice anymore. I can't imagine the show without your guys' direct and upfront take on how screwed up the world is and I sincerely hope you keep making these gems! As a college student, I don't have too much money to be donating if I actually want to eat real food, but I'll try to come up with something sometime soon. You guys definitely deserve it. PS. I have now finished typing this review for a second time after iTunes notifying me the first time that my nickname was taken and then kindly deciding that this meant I didn't want my review anymore and deleted the entire thing, but you guys are definitely worth the five star rating (hence the 'Also screw iTunes' parenthetical).

Great. That's the problem.

Love the Grumpy Old Geeks podcast. I never miss it. The problem is that I get so engaged in all of the topics the guys are discussing that I end up talking back to my speakers. No matter how loud I talk, it's almost as if Jason & Brian aren't listening to me.

Love these podcasts

I found these guys on a whim when searching for something new to listen to while on a trip. Very entertaining, informative and funny. I don't understand why other reviewers are claiming that they are negative or swear a lot. They give their honest opinions which may not always be sunshine and rainbows. If you want that sort of thing, go watch some crappy children's programming. Jason and Brian are awesome as they are. The Brexit show had me laughing out loud. Keep up the good work guys, you have a new fan! ❤️😍 -Laura

My type of people

I've been a grumpy geek since my parents got me a TI-99/4A instead of the Atari 800 I wanted. Haven't stopped being a grumpy geek yet. Happy I found this podcast. They talk about the subjects that matter. Technology, pop culture, bit of politics with an actual point of view. These 2 don't recycle opinions, they actually formulate their own! Revolutionary eh? I love them so much I opened this app I despise to give them a review.

Keep on keeping on

Long time listerner, love the show. I am in the same age bracket as you guys and can totally relate to what your discussing. I hope you keep doing this for as long as possible. Pod Casts wont be the same without you. You make my drive home from work so great I dont even notice the traffic. And thats saying alot for OC traffic.

Best Podcast with humour on tech.

Love these guys. Very funny and highly recommended. Real tech mix up... Funny and enjoyable.


Really love this podcast. The technology insight is always timely, very good variety and depth of topics covered. The audio producing really is professional, and it’s fun, yet grumpy. But it gets better.. The show notes are a huge help! For those of us that listen in a car ride, I always look back at the clear notes, and get links and details for some of the books, gadgets, or other software they mention. So guys, you always mention 1Password. What’s your favorite VPN?

If you are a Millenial you won't understand...

This is a great show about tech, security the Internet and life in general: I absolutely love it and I am always very keenly awaiting the weekly "drop." The authors make fun of morons, fad-obsessed hipsters and the vast amount of human stupidity that now, thanks to the Internet, has found a way to express themselves. Highly recommended; unless, that is, you are Millenial and have the 140-character, snapchat-addled attention-span of a drunk squirrel.

My Weekly Go-To For All Things Tech!

I truly enjoy listening to your podcast every week. Working as a sales engineer for a cyber-security company, you keep me updated with the latest topics that I can geek out with my prospects about! Keep it up-

Delightful and entertaining

Even though I don't always agree with the commentary offered by Brian and Jason, their observations are keen, and their discussions are frequently insightful and routinely hilarious. This is one of about three podcasts that I almost never miss--and I'm not just saying that because I sympathize with people like me (44 years old, living in the midwest, bounced back and forth between the midwest and the west coast). Rock on!

Great Listen - Well Worth the Time

While I don't always agree with their takes, I don't agree with myself all the time either. Great information and lots of fun! Even love the sponsorships if it keeps the podcast going.


You guys are great, I'm listening to the back episodes and you make my work bearable. Keep up the great work.

Great podcast!

These guys rock, I really enjoy listening to this show. It's got a little bit of everything, and isn't boring (at least most of the time) and it makes my work days go by faster. I do have a question for them though; how do you feel about the 50k headphones from sennheiser?


An incredibly fun, intelligent, & informative show by two awesome guys who make tech news fun to listen to. Keep up the great work!

Best podcast!

I love these guys! Their views and opinions are almost always the same as mine and even when they aren’t I still value what they have to say. They make my commute bearable.

Dedicated listener

If you're a Grumpy Old Geek that rides around in an autonomous Uber car that drops you off in the middle of the highway beacuse you were complaining about how totes crae crae ridic Word Press is, then this is the podcast for you! From kickstarter in the balls, moron of the week, to security hack of the week or at the library, you'll enjoy most of the things that Jason and Brian talk about on this podcast. I started listening to them in late February and have went from episode 1-109 in a few months while at work. I don't agree with all of their veiws on things, but hey, they don't agree with each other half the time either! So, for a good informative tech podcast, this is the best hands down. Just sayin'.

Dog love

One man who loves his dog. One man that doesn't. A tale of two friends and the adventures they face as they endure the strugles of daily life on the internet. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you will question all the life choices that led here...

One of my favorites

I'm a podcast junky and this is the only one that where I listen to the very, very end; I love that music drop!

If You Know What A Commodore 64 Is & Like Dogs, This Is The Show You Have Been Looking For!

Brian and Jason are a great team and balance each other out with their different perspectives! If you grew up during the 80’s and experienced the .Com Boom in the 90’s-2000’s you will connect with Brian “German Beer drinking Developer who has seen it all” And Jason “The sensitive dog loving Prius hater but in theory should love to drive a Prius". They were at the beginning of the .COM boom and have a perspective that you won’t find on similar podcasts. If you love music, technology and Dogs, or Jason’s Dogs, you will really dig this show. They cover the latest technology trends this includes topics such as security, latest gadgets, pop culture, books and it’s there perspective and chemistry that make this show interesting. If your in your 30’s 40’s you will connect, if your a Millennial, please, stop texting, swiping and liking and just listen to the complete show, you will dig it as well, I promise. Yes, they are old, yes, they are grumpy, listen and you will be hooked!

Should Try

Usually nice to listen to. Brain provides great historical insight. Jason loves his iPads. Live goes on.