Friend of a Friend of the Show

I have a greg that's been telling me i need to listen to the show for years now, but i finally got a job where i travel a lot. GOG has been a wonderful reason to look forward to the drive and a great way to keep in touch with what's going on in the tech world. I'd been meaning to wait till i had a question for the show, but it was answered before i finished writing this. Is there any form of communication the GOG crew prefers should that situation spring up in the future? (ps. for the record, i am neither grumpy nor old.)

Good and Grump

I have really enjoyed this podcast. These guys come prepared with lots of different things to talk about in a variety of different categories. Links and discussion on the latest Silicon Valley idiocy, the stupidity of security, books, music, podcasts, movies - this covers a lot more than just general geekery. As an old geek who is probably one generation before them, it is still good to hear that the same stupidity I was dealing with 30 years ago hasn't ended.

Unbelievably refreshing and honest

Finally! A tech podcast full of the best kind of humor and honesty about relevant news. I'm not sure how I hadn't stumbled upon this Podcast sooner, but I'm glad I now have Grumpy Old Geeks in my life. I feel thoroughly informed, educated and entertained.

Best podcast far.

I am Grumpy, Old, and a career Geek. These are my people. They are not only entertaining, and informataive, they answered a question i had on their latest podcast and gave me incrediable and usefull information. This podcast was a great find.

Funny and Insightful

It’s always great listening to smart guys riff on stuff they really love talking about. These guys are pretty funny and you can learn quite a bit of useful stuff following them. Definitely two thumbs up!

One of the best tech related podcasts, full stop

I've listed to hundreds if not thousands of hours of tech podcasts but Grumpy old Geeks is the best of the lot. It's meant for a mature audience who appreciates the truth about the Internet and tech in general. While I may not agree with 100% of what they say, 99% the are right on the money with their interpretation and breakdown of what's going on in the world of tech. Give a listen and I guarantee you'll be hooked!!

I love this podcast

This is both funny and informative with the best book recommendations. One of the few podcasts where I actually bother to view the show notes.


You guys have a great show. Very thorough. I didn't know what I was missing. This is my first iPhone, it's a 5s, I got it in February. I can't believe I have been missing out on podcasts. You both have such pleasant sounding voices. I'm so glad to be listening to your show. So much good things to hear from gadgets, to search engines, to everything else.

not grumpy or old

Maybe it's just me, but these guys don't seem grumpy or old - I guess "knowledgable thoughtful geeks" just doesn't roll off the tongue.


Great podcast!

Nuggets of Goodness

I have been listening to GOG since about episode 6 and I consider it one of my three essential podcasts. I look forward to a new episode every week. Whether or not you know anything about information technology, you will find nuggets of goodness in this show. Congratulations on 100 episodes!

Good stuff here!

"What went wrong with the Internet… and who’s to blame”. Fabulous summary! This is a great podcast for keeping up with the tech world. These guys are funny and honest and listening to what they share will help you hone in on what’s important with different parts of the tech sector. These guys follow lots of news sources and share what’s hot and what’s relevant. I highly recommend this podcast! It’s one of my favorites and it really does help me keep up with what’s going on in the world.

Interesting Tech Show with Good Personalities

These two are a delight to listen to while you drive down the road or even exercise. The show is broken up into segments which span from the media to security hacks throughout the week. Brian comes from a heavy music background and Jason from a heavy computer background. They rarely get so deep into the tech that you get lost if you have a casual grasp of computers. They do curse sometimes and talk about drinking often, so if you dislike those things this is not for you. Overall for a mature show I give it five stars. I listen to this the minute it downloads (the only show I waste bandwidth downloading) and it stays in my stream along with Planet Money, This American Life, and Hardcore History. Could a friend of the show be your uncle?

Great tech podcast

I love these guys! They are fun to listen too and have good advice. Give them a listen!

Great Show!

This show is much better than the Kardashians. I just wish there was more foul language.

My Favorite Podcast

I love these guys and not just because they have crushes on me but because they are say what they mean and don't add a bunch of syrup to it. Keep up the great work in 2015!

I Lol'd

Every week these guys cheer me up and teach me the unbelievably weird nuances of tech nerdy stuff. Great show and I can't recommend it enough.

A mighty fine show!

Enjoyable every week and I really like it when they fight.

Love this podcast

I don't miss an episode!

a worthy podcast

yep. it’s probably the best tech podcast.

The Best Geek Entertainment

Love your show, I relate to your stories of customers complainig and not understanding that they are the problem, anyhow can't wait for each new episode to be available Greetings from Mexico,

Love these guys

Seriously no nonsense show. These guys say it like it is and don't pull any punches while still making it accessible for non-geeks to learn more about tech.


I'm an old high school buddy of Brian. I always knew he was smart but failed to see the brillance. Jason is great and is regularly voicing my own concernsm and opinions of the world. A great podcast on not only tech but the world in general. Thanks Brett

Useful AND Entertaining

These guys are fun to listen to and give great advice on the tech world news.

Beginners Luck

I'm new to the podcast "scene", so I just randomly pick different ones to listen to. Grumpy old Geeks has raised the bar, and now any podcast I listen to has to be up to par, or I simply can't listen to it. Thanks for the great show, and keep up the good work!

Awesome show

Great gleaning of all the interesting stuff on the internet. They have great takes on internet trends. Just enough rant without going overboard.


This is one of my all time favorite podcasts. Brian and Jason cover all sorts of topics from books to tech news and even more technical geekery that may be somewhat over my head...but has promoted me to look up topics and learn a thing or two. Thanks, guys!

G.O.G.make continuing education of the Internet hopeful for this newb.

I love that these fellows not only have been around computers and the Interwebs for years, but they put process and function in terms that do not leave me trying to keep my head above water(I am a low-grade but have managed to not send myself straight to hell with a questionable install,etc.) .I learn something new every episode and get a lot of laughter at the same time.

The Best!!

I’m a nobody who has used the internet for about as long as the Grumpy Old Geeks. I don’t write code and have no idea how what the nuts and bolts of the technology is about. But I do understand overview. These wise men bring their knowledge of nuts and bolts to an overview that is well rounded. Apps, book reviews (how do they read so many books?), music reviews, social commentary. They are today’s renaissance men. Thank you!!