Beginners Luck

I'm new to the podcast "scene", so I just randomly pick different ones to listen to. Grumpy old Geeks has raised the bar, and now any podcast I listen to has to be up to par, or I simply can't listen to it. Thanks for the great show, and keep up the good work!

Awesome show

Great gleaning of all the interesting stuff on the internet. They have great takes on internet trends. Just enough rant without going overboard.


This is one of my all time favorite podcasts. Brian and Jason cover all sorts of topics from books to tech news and even more technical geekery that may be somewhat over my head...but has promoted me to look up topics and learn a thing or two. Thanks, guys!

G.O.G.make continuing education of the Internet hopeful for this newb.

I love that these fellows not only have been around computers and the Interwebs for years, but they put process and function in terms that do not leave me trying to keep my head above water(I am a low-grade but have managed to not send myself straight to hell with a questionable install,etc.) .I learn something new every episode and get a lot of laughter at the same time.

The Best!!

I’m a nobody who has used the internet for about as long as the Grumpy Old Geeks. I don’t write code and have no idea how what the nuts and bolts of the technology is about. But I do understand overview. These wise men bring their knowledge of nuts and bolts to an overview that is well rounded. Apps, book reviews (how do they read so many books?), music reviews, social commentary. They are today’s renaissance men. Thank you!!


this has quickly become my favorite podcast both these guys bring a smart informed and witty outlook on this everchaging frontier

great show

learn something new with every show...even if I have no idea what it is they are talking about at times. Good to keep learning

It's just awesome duo

They act like they are intelligent and geeky. Poor duo keep being grumpy.

So good!

GOG is a must for me. I may not be grumpy, but I love my tech news to come from these surly geeks! Such a great podcast.

Curators extraordinaire

Brian and Jason are great "curators" of some of the hot topics in the software and music industries and keep me engaged throughout. Definitely looking forward to new episodes in 2014.

Old farts gone wild

This is the first podcast I ever subscribed to and love it. Interesting perspective from people like myself who have been on the Internet since Al Gore invented it. If you work in IT, it's a must listen! Wrote previous statement on episode3. Many more later and still hooked. Keep up the good work

Day Drinking in Good Company

Being a grumpy old geek means never having to apologize for day drinking -- and when I listen to this podcast, I feel like I'm not day drinking alone! But seriously, this podcast's never a dull listen; you don't even have to be grumpy. Or a geek. Or a day drinker. Or alone.

Love it!

Love the stories and links to new stuff. Jason sounds cute too! Is he single?

Glad I found the show!

I came across this podcast after seeing a review they left for my show. I'm glad they left a review because I was introduced to their AWESOME show. Thanks for putting this out there.

Great podcast

You guys are doing an excellent job on the podcast and I really enjoy hearing about tech from the older generations point of view. It's helping me understand how corporations and industry works. Most of your episodes I learn something new that makes me. Realize just how much things aren't what they seem. I also like that you guys have a fondness for beer. Keep up the good work! -Mike

Thought provoking and fun!

My favorite thing about the hosts of this podcast is their perspective on current events in technology and the news. I love even more that when given criticism for their views or how they run their show, they easily laugh and pretty much have the attitude "It's our show, deal with it." GoG FTW!


Thoughtful commentary by a couple of authentic 40-something's.

Lively, deep, real, crusty and fun

These guys are charming without being cloying, authoritative without being preachy and entertaining as hell. Any podcast that veers from the intricacies of managing your ridiculous IT clients to the length of a giraffe's tongue while bouncing through the wreckage of failed dot-coms chatting about nerdly obsessions ranging from movies and games to punk rock and airplane mechanics is vastly more entertaining than 99% of the junk you're listening to right now. Make room for GOGs in your playlist. And enjoy.


Great podcast, nothing spectacular just tech talk by two guys who do know what they are on about. Interesting tips come up now and again almost by accident but generally if you are a middle aged geek (who knows what ARPANET was) this is your bag. Entertaining and funny BTW I last had an American beer 30 years ago at RAF Sculthorpe in Norfolk UK (USAF Air Base). It was Michelob, it was terrible rubbish which during my alcoholism days was a real pita as it was impossible to get drunk on American beer before running out of cash. Keep it up guys and thanks Jonah

If they're old, I'm ancient . .

Love the content, love the banter, could do with a wee less cursing but won't stop me from listening (won't be suggesting my mother-in-law listen). I'd love to suggest this podcast to my 17 year-old son (who would love it) but there is just too glorification of drinking, getting drunk, etc. I don't have a problem that you're getting together for a beer but it's the emphasis on that you're getting three-sheets-to-the-wind that's at issue for me. That said, you guys are entertaining, educational, funny as hell and great on-air voices.

Great podcast

I love this podcast! More guests please!

More please!

The two guys who have been there and done that since day one. Love this podcast, don't ever stop!

Don't let the title fool you

I stumbled onto this podcast by accident and am really glad! The two guys are knowledgable and pretty funny too. Can't wait for the next episode!

Dey speaks da truth

As someone who has made the transition from being a code monkey to a professional googled, I loved Episode 4. Listen and learn.

Love it

Love the banter, love the content, just listen!

Entertaining & great addition to the tech dialogue

Just checked this out and think these guys are great. Unless you are a professional Google searcher, in which case you might be offended.

Grumpy Indeed

And I'd expect nothing less. Great content from dudes who know what they're talking about. Well, sometimes. ;)

Great and honest podcast!

Keep up the great work guys! Love the podcast, and am a brand new listener. Love your honesty you have with the topics you cover. Keep it going for the people who do care and do listen.

Right on the spot

It's refreshing to hear from talented folks who have been around the block and who aren't trying to sell you something. Well worth listening too.