More please!

The two guys who have been there and done that since day one. Love this podcast, don't ever stop!

Don't let the title fool you

I stumbled onto this podcast by accident and am really glad! The two guys are knowledgable and pretty funny too. Can't wait for the next episode!

Dey speaks da truth

As someone who has made the transition from being a code monkey to a professional googled, I loved Episode 4. Listen and learn.

Love it

Love the banter, love the content, just listen!

Entertaining & great addition to the tech dialogue

Just checked this out and think these guys are great. Unless you are a professional Google searcher, in which case you might be offended.

Grumpy Indeed

And I'd expect nothing less. Great content from dudes who know what they're talking about. Well, sometimes. ;)

Great and honest podcast!

Keep up the great work guys! Love the podcast, and am a brand new listener. Love your honesty you have with the topics you cover. Keep it going for the people who do care and do listen.

Right on the spot

It's refreshing to hear from talented folks who have been around the block and who aren't trying to sell you something. Well worth listening too.

Grumpy Old Geeks

As a up and coming younger geekster I found the webcast to be quite informative. The banter between these two geezers is fun and I enjoyed hearing their journey.

Grumpy Old Geeks

I found this quite entertaining and I only have a minor in geekdom!