Aug. 29, 2014

73: Phantom Butthurt Syndrome

iPhone 5 recall. The NFL is what? Podcast Nazis. Google drones. Wordpress GOOD news. Hacks of the week. Tony Soprano silliness. A…

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Aug. 22, 2014

72: The Grumpy Old Geeks Nominate You!

We’re back on track this week with some mockery of ice buckets, enhanced security section with copious tinfoil hattery, and enoug…

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Aug. 15, 2014

71: Too Soon?

Show Notes More at Why #Ferguson Wasn’t Trending For Some Social Media Users Last Night Why Jargon F…

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Aug. 8, 2014

70: No Furries in Space

This week we talk with Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm podcast about creativity, social engineering, and other assorted go…

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Aug. 1, 2014

69: Rabbit Rabbit

This week we debut an as yet unnamed segment on defense against Internet marketers. We discuss the Uber ratings kerfuffle and oth…

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July 25, 2014

68: Open Source Shenanigans with Sean Bonner

Miscreant and misanthrope Sean Bonner joins us this week to talk about his art/music project, Hope X, open hardware, Safecast, an…

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July 18, 2014

67: Wanted! 1000 Crazies Like Us.

This week, Jordan Cooper joins us to talk about new media, blow job machines, and shares some awesome tips and tricks to build yo…

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July 11, 2014

66: German Potato Salad

Some TMI follow-up from last weeks episode. We touch on the obligatory potato salad story. Brian doesn’t even gloat about the Ger…

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July 4, 2014

65: Not Your Parents Sex Toy

For the Birthday of 'Murica episode we discuss the technology of "self-love" and the rise of the F'ables. A little talk about the…

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June 27, 2014

64: Grumpy Old Geeks 3.0! Sorta...

This week's show is a work in progress and we were strapped for time so our new bumpers are pretty rough. All apologies. Otherwis…

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June 20, 2014

63: Yo! Can I have a quarter?

It's a good week for us. Yo!, Slingshot, and Washboard are all the buzz and we're all left scratching our heads on what the hell …

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June 13, 2014

62: Quantified Laziness

We discuss the dark side of the quantified self and discuss the tools of laziness, which for the next 30 days are mainly beer and…

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June 6, 2014

61: Good Evening Monsters

It's an interestingly grumpy and funny week as the guys talk about Orange is the New Black, WWDC, the state of the Internet and G…

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May 30, 2014

60: It Could Be Sunshine

Brian's up in arms about crowdfunding again but in a good way. Jason reviews the Shine by Misfit and a new book on sleep. Google …

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May 23, 2014

59: Is Edward Snowden in a Dystopian Gay Mafia?

After a week of epic media consumption the guys defend Adam Carolla, crap on Julian Assange, review a ton of books and podcasts, …

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May 16, 2014

58: A Podcast of Biblical Proportions

The ice caps are melting, Jason is stocking up on knives, Brian is becoming a coffee snob, neither of the guys want to talk about…

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May 9, 2014

57: Time, Ain't On My Side

In this special bitchfest episode the guys talk about time, the Internets warping of said time, and how there is no such thing as…

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May 3, 2014

56: Some Things in this Podcast are True

Jason discusses his plans to join the Russian mafia. Brian rants about Facebook's new algorithm. Both guys talk about how program…

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April 25, 2014

55: Premium Providers of Negative Value

Jason cuts back on the caffeine after his Cornholio impersonation in episode 54. The guys talk home ownership vs. being a technom…

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April 19, 2014

54: Belfie Marketing Secrets of the Rich and Famous

This week Jason breaks free of the hell of MediaTemple, Brian gets furnished, Jason gets caffeinated with a dirty apparatus, Bria…

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April 12, 2014

53: You've Got Red on You

Friend of the show Jay Goldman joins us from NYC to talk about Facebook shenanigans and his new book "The Decoded Company." Jason…

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April 5, 2014

52: Money is the Fruit of Sin

We're joined again by Dr. David Teter to talk about douchebaggery in the government and silliness in the private sector. Brian an…

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March 28, 2014

51: Conscious Ungrumping

It's the one year anniversary of Grumpy Old Geeks! Jason's off his meds, literally and Brian is having mid-life buyers remorse. T…

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March 21, 2014

50: Over the Hill

Brian has officially joined the middle-class and hates his life! Between his contractors banging around and Jason's neighbors fle…

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