June 18, 2022

558: I Chat Therefore I Am (Not)

558: I Chat Therefore I Am (Not)

Crypto-crash; grifters gonna grift; Google chat-bot building system builds a really good chatbot, not an AI; how not to get people to track your jet; Uber & Lyft lose in Massachusetts; smart license plates; Spotify's safety council; 10 strikes and you're out at Facebook; Barry; Umbrella Academy; For All Mankind; Apple+ sports streaming; festival pee; Google Nest Protect; audio weapons; Internet Explorer, big in Japan; Peter Danielsson; Warren Ellis; Adrian Tchaikovsky; Obi-Wan; adapters & NFC cards; fingerprint scanning; Rage Against the Winklevii.

Show notes at: https://gog.show/558


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The rise and fall of Adobe Flash


Tanner Campbell - @tannerhelps - I'm getting sucked into NFTs.

Anna Sorokin wants to move away from her 'scammer' persona... by selling NFTs



Google places engineer on leave after he claims group’s chatbot is “sentient”

The teen who tracks Elon Musk's jet agreed to stop monitoring Mark Cuban's flights on Twitter after the billionaire offered business advice: 'By ending this you have me as a friend for life'

Massachusetts court rejects proposed gig worker ballot measure

Michigan approves digital license plates by startup Reviver

Crypto Exchange Coinbase to Lay Off 18% of Staff

After Rogan COVID-19 controversy, Spotify forms a safety council to rethink its content moderation policies

Facebook enforces ban on gun sales with 10-strikes-and-you’re-out policy



Grace and Frankie

Somebody Feed Phil


Umbrella Academy Season 3

For All Mankind

Apple TV will stream every MLS game for a decade starting in 2023

Drug-Laced Pee Seeps Into Rivers Near Music Festivals, Threatening Rare Eels

No talent required in the new and lucrative era of the gentleman amateur

‘Most tragically hilarious/infuriating thing’: Winklevoss twins perform Rage Against the Machine cover—after laying off staff



Google Nest Protect

US Navy Develops Weapon That Could Make It Impossible To Speak

Report reveals half of Japan's businesses had yet to ditch Internet Explorer

Bosu Balance Trainer, 65cm "The Original"

Elgato Key Light Professional - Mac, PC, iOS, Android (Renewed)

Anker USB C Charger, 735 Charger (Nano II 65W), PPS 3-Port Fast Compact Foldable Wall Charger for MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro, Galaxy S20/S10, Dell XPS 13, Note 20/10+, iPhone 13/Pro, Pixel, and More



The year under the Machine by Peter Danielsson

The year under the Machine by Peter Danielsson - Kindle

Orbital Operations by Warren Ellis

Normal: A Novel by Warren Ellis

Shards of Earth (The Final Architecture Book 1) by Adrian Tchaikovsky



The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


Control Loop

Syntech USB C to USB Adapter Pack of 2 USB C Male to USB3 Female Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro 2021 iMac iPad Mini 6/Pro MacBook Air 2022 and Other Type C or Thunderbolt 4/3 Devices Space Grey

50PCS 215 NFC Round Cards, 25mm(1 inch) NFC Tags Ntag215 Chip Blank PVC Coin Card NFC Coin Cards Enabled Mobile Phones & Devices

Cops Will Be Able to Scan Your Fingerprints With a Phone



Autopilot indeed, built in deniability as a feature!

Character Actor Mike Hagerty— Who Appeared on ‘Friends,’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ More — Dead at 67